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Two stars because you're not testing version. 0.14 has a bug with the sensitive area. I have over 50 addons. I do not have time to care for everyone. (googletranslate)

ok three stars. But you have to remove the 0.14. and return to the previous version.

0.14 - fixed. Please test new version before release.

Esta valoración es de una versión anterior del complemento (0.14.2012012901.1-signed). 

yypgryvi, it is hard to do for me that test *all* features on every release. Actually, I've tested the auto hide feature with "auto shrink" mode and the mode works correctly (but only "auto hide" mode was broken.) Even if you see a noticeable problem, it can be inconspicuous for me. Bug reports with much information will help me, like: https://github.com/piroor/treestyletab/issues/224