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After using this addon for a couple firefox sessions, I have noticed a couple major bugs:
1) The "Translate this" item in the right click context menu disappears after browser restart. The only remedy is to install the addon again.
2) Translating text sometimes doesn't work.

Please fix these bugs. I am forced to use another, inferior translator addon.

(Response to Developer)
I am using Firefox 7.01, Windows 7 With 75 addons.

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Please provide...

Please provide what version of Firefox you are using and what OS. I have never, ever noticed the issues you have described so I need some more information so I can recreate the issue and fix it.

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Wow, this is the best translator I've come across so far. It's great that it's restartless. One thing though, could you possibly make a movable button? I don't like the icon in the status bar.
*Edit* Response to developer
I'm sorry, because it was in the status bar I automatically assumed it couldn't be moved. Thanks for replying.

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Try this...

You can try opposite clicking on the status bar, click customize then drag the button where you want.

In the future I would like to make a dedicated toolbar button that can be turned off and on in the settings. However this solution should work for now.