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  • The best additive
  • arrange and save site list dont save anything
  • Not useful. It shows results but links try to install with an exe file.
  • spoko
  • I never used torrent sites. But when I do, and I don't know where to find some. And this is where this toolbar steps in.
  • Jak nie używam toolbarów tak ten jest na pierwszym miejscu, fajna sprawa.
  • Used this for 3-4 yrs. No problems .Lately all it does is take you to Sharegods Web site. PLEASE fix this. I might cfk back at a later date.
    can you give me the URL for this site?
  • Excellent but the options do not work in the latest version,at last for me.I reinstalled the previous one.
    Fixed in version 1.2.9
    Thank you for reporting..
  • !
  • This shi* redirects you to whitesmoke .com and a popup pops up teeling you to save whitesmoke.exe file! igive it -4!
  • This does a fine job at torrent search. I have disabled it though because on FF5 with Linux it causes new tabs to be opened as new windows. I tested with the add-on enabled and disabled several times and it was certainly the torrent toolbar add-on which was causing the issue. To annoying to keep it enabled but I might re-enable when I wan to search torrents.
  • I removed it almost at at once. Every torrent I selected to download it wanted to install whitesmokeinstaller.exe.

    I cancelled each time And then googled the file. The only thing listed was that whitesmokeinstaller.exe was malware / virus / rootkit. Some of the torrents tried were on usenet, some on isohunt. All were book files.
  • Well if you need this, you need it, if you don't stay away. Toolbar does make it faster to go through and search multiple sites. Easy to choose the ones you use regularly to search and to open in different tabs - the rest is at your own risk.
  • It's still working, i've just started downloading a torrent fresh out of the page the toolbar provides

    I guess the only way it could be better was if instead of showing offsite pages framed, it used some sort of scrapping and showed all results together, with varied sorting options etc
  • Worked great until the U.S. government bent over for the entertainment lobbyists and shut them down. This add-on no longer works.
  • I have been using this for a while, and yes there a million pop-up ads and its a mess with tracking cookies.
    On the other hand this toolbar is very convenient and I don't know how I can get by without it.

    Until I find its equivalent or better I will keep using it.

    With that being said, make sure you are protected!
    I use noscript, adblockplus, and the usual anti-virus, firewall, and anti-spyware/malware.
  • I'm not using this Toolbar, and I'm not making a donation.
    Change your privacy policy and I'll reconsider.
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