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  • I agree its the best christmas theme. Sadly no one can use it anymore. Please update it for Firefox 25.0 <3

  • I can only guess at how much work it is to create and update a theme. However, I look forward to using this all year and have used it for years - the best part of the holiday season is decorating my computer too. I am sad it does not work with the latest version of Firefox. I hope it is in process and we will see it soon.

  • please pretty please update! i remember using this back in the day and i want it back for the holiday season

  • PLEASE update for firefox 8.0.1. I love using this in December as we head toward Christmas.

  • Merry Christmas!

  • beautiful :o) merry christmas

  • Cool Theme

  • Like this theme, but it removes the feed button in 3.6 and Minefield, and I like seeing that button, so I decided to drop using it, hope it will be updated to work better with newer versions.

  • Keeping the holiday spirit alive :)

  • Pretty yes, but it doesn't play nicely with common addons. I can't even organize my Bookmarks without it crashing and I only use Xmarks.

    Nope. I had to uninstall to get Firefox back to normal. I'll not use it again. It's way too much of a pain.

  • One of my all time favorites! I am having a problem with the bookmarks not showing unless I'm hovering over them. But otherwise, it's working great.

  • I love this theme but I can't read the menu bar unless my mouse hovers over a specific word. They're too dark.

  • I love this theme, but I can't read anything on the menu bar unless my mouse hovers over it.

  • Review of Tinseltown
    v2.20091201: Finally this theme has returned to the point of quality that was in the Fx 2 version. Great work, Twister!

  • this theme is really nice i like it last year i used it for the Christmas, but i would like you to update it to the latest Firefox 3.5.5. And add new things to make it look better.

  • I love this theme....but I'm having a bit of a conflict with not being able to read or change the grey text on forecastfox---which I absolutely can't live without...I wish there was something to be able to use for changing the font color on ALL add-ons at =,=;

  • My main problem with this is that the status bar on the bottom is dark blue. I believe in an earlier version it was white. The lettering on some extensions doesn't show up in the bottom as a result. I would prefer it be white or light blue. I can't use this theme otherwise and I'm really bummed about it.

  • I LOVE this theme and use it year round, but it is not working with the newer versions of Fire Fox, I hope it get's updated soon !!! It is very cheerful and cute !

  • Awesome! Thank you, it worked great.

  • This theme was too cute and so fun to use. Please come up with something for Valentine's, St. Patricks', Easter & patriotic themes. Thanks for brightening my Christmas season workday.

  • 很有聖誕節的氣氛

  • i LOVED this theme- i'm sad that christmas is over b/c it made me smile everytime i logged on. really fun- integrated into everything- adorable and festive!! beautiful work- i'm off to see what new theme i can download from you!

  • This is Fun!! Please make us some thing to replace this wonderful Theme.
    Christmas is over and I can't find any thing else I like as well.

  • This is Fun!! Please make us some thing to replace this wonderful Theme.
    Christmas is over and I can't find any thing else I like as well.

  • I like it.