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  • memudahkan
  • Please make a Firefox Quantum compatible version of this wonderful add-on !!!
  • excelente trabajaba bien todo de a 10... Hasta que llegaron los de firefox y la cagaron con esta version 57 que de paso es lentooooo... No se el porque tienen que joder lo que esta bien y no corrigen lo que anda mal, gracias por dejar expresarme ojala lo piensen bien y dejen que THUM,BAL ZOOM PLUS siga trabajando
  • good
  • useful addon. Need support 57+
  • I never found a good replacement for this add-on in quantum so i hope it gets updated soon.
  • ela me da resposta de imagem imediata.
  • i cant open the add on
  • it works like a charm!
  • This extension is unparalleled. Please upgrade it.
  • I hate Quantom .... I will keep the old FF just for the eyes of the (thumbnail plus addon).
  • Best of the best, please be support in Quantum...
  • Please update this to work in firefox 57
  • I refuse to update my firefox not to lose that add-on. It would be appreciated if it is updated.
  • Update please firefox qauntum
  • RIP Thumbnail Zoom Plus. It was one of the greatest add-ons ever developed for Firefox. I'm sorely missing it on FF 57.
  • I roll back firefox 56.
    firefox 57(Quantum?) is not support this program.
  • Thumbnail Zoom Plus by David Adler
  • Simplemente Excepcional. La usé por años. La mejor extensión. Es una pena que no funcione en Firefox 57, que de paso debo decirlo, no es ninguna maravilla. Espero que los desarrolladores de Mozilla y Thumbnail Zoom Plus trabajen jun tos para regresar esta maravillosa extensión pronto. La extensión alternativa no me gusta.
  • Please, please, update this AWESOME add-on for FF57!!!! Now that it's gone I realize what an essential piece of software I was using all the years! Firefox without THUMBNAIL ZOOM PLUS there is no more Firefox for me!
    This was a great utility for viewing and especially for downloading the images in their natural size!
    Thanks, thanks David Adler for your AWESOME add-on!
    Developers FF57 ask David Adler for cooperation!
  • I am so sad to hear this add-on is no longer available in Firefox 57. No other add-on compares. For all the excitement for Firefox 57 I am now left disappointed.
  • Это лучшее расширение из подобных! При наведении курсора на картинку, увеличивает её. Работает, практически на всех сайтах. Все остальные, по тем или иным причинам, не работают то там, то здесь.
  • por favor que la actualicen a FF57,porque aunque IMAGUS funciona bien no es igual que THUMBNAILS ZOOM PLUS.
  • please update for Firefox 57!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I have enjoyed this extension for a long time. I've just been upgraded to "Quantum," which has disabled this extension as a "Legacy extension." Please please please please PLEASE make this compatible with Quantum.