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  • FF 57 не поддерживается, да и обновлялся посл. раз в 2014 году... О_о
  • almost exactly what I wanted, if only it wouldn't display the text at all or in a more sophisticated way.
    it is great for archived pages that had removed of all tags
  • The add-on works entirely as intended, but really needs the option of having a whitelist instead of a blacklist
  • ^title says it all.
  • Works for sure, but not as I would like to see it. It opens links in new tabs. I want the app to (have an option to) show the images on the same page! If I'm missing something, let me know. Cheers!
  • Having trouble getting this to work on Mac. I install the add on and make sure it is activated. But it still does not convert links to images. Please help!!
  • I've been going around GameFAQs with people posting links to images, but I found it too hard to simply enter the link. So instead, I looked for a Text2Image app, and this was the only one I found. It works great for those pesky links, but I have one big issue with it. In pages that DO use images, those images are made smaller, and that's super annoying. If you fix this, that's gonna add two stars to this review.
  • One of the best addons!!
  • I used to have this add-on, but had to re-install everything on my PC, now with the updated mozilla it does not seem to work which is a great shame as I found this very useful.
  • I like it...! ^0^
  • Would you pls make the right click to status icon to load option menu for easy reconfiguration?
  • Great for Gfaqs image dumps. I wish a whitelist feature would be added though.
  • very very useful
    this is exactly what i want...
  • Sadly, it doesn't seem like there will be any more updates for this.

    It doesn't work all of the time, but it's amazing when it does. I like the pop up feature, and the mouseover feature.

    A white list would be great, I have a few sites in mind that I will be using this for often. And if it isn't going to be working all the time, there's no need in having this on for all sites.
  • This is a cool add-on, but PLEASE add white list support already! There is only ONE site that I'd actually like to use this for, and plenty of others that have issues with it. It gets annoying having to constantly update my black list.
  • This add-on causes background images on some pages to not show.
  • it's one of my favority addons!!!!!!!!
  • Utopia FFSE White, The Pop ups don't come up.
  • It used to work but it stopped today (October 2nd 2008) everything works but the popup, the new window shows up, but it doesn't ever show up, it just continues to eat up resources without ever producing the image.
  • ditto what ben h-e said--

    sweet! an improvement i can think of would be to increase the limit on the links it works on; seems it does up to 30 because there are many longer lists out there.
    You can change the limit to above 30 in the Text-to-Image options menu in "Tools".

    Beware, if you set the limit to '0' (which disables the limiter), your browsing experience could become quite miserable and slow if you stumble into a topic with a large amount of image links.
  • absolutly briliant the only improvement i can think of would be to increase the limit on the links it works on seems it dose upto 30 but ive seen some long lists out there www.lazyeights.net/Avion/Motivator/
  • Awesome addon, you should try making it where if you double click on it you automatically view just the image.
  • All you do is click the button on the bottom right hand corner and all links are turned into images. It really is amazing.
  • Very good, but it either needs an option to automatically convert all image links to thumbnails, or a button to convert all the links on the current page.