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FF18, but since v15+, this will reverse order of all my tabs when opening FF. Must enable "Keep the original order..." in settings. However this will then open new tabs in a A a1 a2 a3 order, rather then preferred A a3 a2 a1 order that I'm used too. Also this causes issues when opening new tabs with a delay. Such as A a1 a2, then I'll open a new site in tab A, and have B a1 a2, then open a few links from tab B to get, B a1 a2 b1 b2. BUT if I wait before clicking another link from tab B, say 30 seconds+, I get the new link next to tab B?!? So it looks like this B b3 a1 a2 b1 b2. Seriously frustrating!
This worked fine in FF14 and I did not have to have the "Keep the original.." option on, and all the tabs loaded up in order I left them from closing to opening. Also all new tabs would open in a A a3 a2 a1 order, or newest to oldest order.
This issue has not been addressed since v15, please look into it.

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