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I wanted an add-on for switching between tab groups with a bar. First I tried "TabGroups Manager" but it is very buggy and bloated with unnecessary features. Also it doesn't integrate with Firefox's own tab groups, this means Firefox's tab group controls don't work, and when you uninstall the add-on you lose all the groups because they were never real Firefox groups to begin with.

This add-on however does exactly what I need, is nice and simple, and seems very solid and bug-free. Thank you! :)

I would like to request the following features (especially the first three):
1. Wider tabs, ideally custom width (I only use 5 tab groups and they are currently very small on the left of the screen)
2. Custom icon on the tab, this would make it more attractive and far easier to quickly find the right tab
3. Number of tabs the group contains written on each tab (right aligned)
4. Size option for the bar, allowing bigger text in taller tabs
5. Ability to re-order/drag tabs

Thank you!