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Hi, it worked great. But with FF 27, it's not working now. I just want to know if it will be made to work with FF 27? If not, i'm going to find an alternative. If yes, i'll certainly wait. Thanks a lot.

Thanks. Now it works on FF27. But one strange thing, the forward button disappears!

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It should work now. Note that when Firefox 29 comes out it will likely be permanently broken.

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This is a great add-on, BTW. I have a question, can we somehow modify the colors of the icons? Like apply our own colors for them :3 ? (I don't mind tinkering inside of the files.

Thank you! Yes you can! If you know basic Firefox styling it is very easy. Try this in userChrome.css or a userStyle:

#back-button:not([disabled="true"]) .toolbarbutton-icon,
#forward-button:not([disabled="true"]) .toolbarbutton-icon {
filter: url(chrome://customskin/skin/filters.svg#matrix-rry)!important;

The colors are in a color circle. rry = red-red-yellow, which is a step between red and red-yellow (orange). You can look in browser.css and filters.svg to see how it all works for yourself. There is some more documentation here, which you are free to comment on: http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?p=12214055#p12214055

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This is already awesome, I was using colorized default and Im glad to see it back.

But is there any easy way of editing it? I would prefere brighter colors, they are a little dull right now.

It is possible to change the colors by editing the source files, but it requires a knowledge of using SVG feColorMatrix filters, which are not especially well documented... and which I have not played with since I made this extension a year ago.

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There are RGB colors, CMYK colors, and even those are really just color models. SVG stands for Scaled Vector Graphics, and it is an XML-based vector image format. Since CMYK is used for printing press I assume the author used RGB colors.
On topic: Very friendly colors, nicely done !

Nobody likes Grammar Nazis.

The colors are applied using SVG filters, which means this name IS technically grammatically correct, and the description CLEARLY SAYS THIS. A more descriptive name might be: "Toolbar Icons Colorized Using SVG ColorMatrix Filters" but that would be a really stupid name... because it's not a name, it's a description. At least I opted for something somewhat descriptive instead of naming it "Ultra Awesome Fox EXTREME".

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Adds the spruce Firefox so badly needs. Excellent work.

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