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Please remove attribute "min-width:1000px" in tag body. This add scrollbar to my browser on resolution 1600x1200, but with additional sidebars from other extention "Vertical Tabs" and with very big background image.Please make less margin (or padding in parent node) for element that contain all icons.Thank you for color chooser for texts.Thank you for usefull extention!P.S. sorry for my bad english
UPD: Oh! Thanks! I weel try to design it for my taste :)

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Thanks for your feedback.
you can set the min-width yourself by:
- right click, then select "options"
- go to the "ui customize" tab
- enable ui customizatio
- click "advanced"
- enter:
body {
min-width: 800px !important;
save it.
Hope this helps.
Thank you!