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  • It seems to be fine, nothing seems to be broken or missing, but it's so incredibly far too complicated to write a new style that it makes this 100% useless. 5 stars if you can vastly simplify it. Like ad-block does, just let me use my cursor to hover over, highlight, click, and then edit, delete, etc. Even as someone who's slightly more technical than the average person, why can't I just inspect an element, copy the code, paste into Stylus, the select an option to delete or hide that code? Uninstalled. Moving to another add-on that's slightly more annoying but at least it works.
  • All of the functionality of Stylish without the shady data collection and selling.
    It's also FLOSS which is a major plus.
  • It's OK.
  • seems to load styles slower on FF, like in Google Search, Chrome version does not have this issue.
  • Needs a "dark mode" (like on Windows)