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Thank you for the addon.
But, we do not want your name in our addon everytime. Enough of self advertisement.

Saran-san, I agree to your point.

Well I made this add-on while I was in the verge of completing my bachelors. So the mind of a guy at that age particularly isn't that matured enough, everyone back then in college wanted to be a hero bragging about himself every now and then.

Anyways I would be removing it in the next version surely. And lastly, I also don't think the plugin deserves a "one star" only because of my name there, if it gets your work done then you can consider re-reviewing it.

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Absolutely the best tool available for filling out pesky forms on site after site. Completely customizable so you'll be prepared even when a form asks for info in a slightly different manner. As a long time Firefox user I'd tried almost every add on and extension that claimed that their add on "would finally make filling out complicated forms simple". What they never said was that the interface was clunky, you couldn't customize the descriptions of which piece if info you were about to drop in with a simple mouse click, and the ones that promised to fill them out automatically never did. SimpleFill is easy to set up exactly the way you want it, you cab pit your own short explanation "tags" that come up as you go to fill out forms, and if by chance one site asks for your info in a slightly different manner you can bet that somewhere down the line another site will ask got that format as will/ With Simple Fill you just add an additional info tab withe the info in the requested off format all in the space of 40 seconds, You might go a month before seeing another site ask for info in that same odd format but You're 100% ready ahead of time. Stop wasting time filling out forms and start spending time online efficiently. Hands down one of my top 5 add ons and the one I use the most on a daily basis.

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Good and indeed simple. But would love to have the option to NOT overwrite what has already written in the text box, because sometimes I need to fill more than 1 SimpleFill items in the text box.

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Update: Done in the latest release (v2.0.1)

Working on it, will include it in the next release.

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Great. Any export or Sync function?

Esta valoración es de una versión anterior del complemento (2.0.0). 

Thank you for your review.

Well, Simplefill's data are automatically synced across all firefox browsers. You just have to be sure than you have firefox-sync enabled in your browser.

The export functionality is a good option for exporting Simplefill's data to other (non-firefox) browsers such as chrome. Will be adding it soon.

Update: Added Import/Export functionality in version 2.0.1

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Recent version 2.0 works well, and the bugs from previous versions have been fixed. A very usable list which can contain as many items as needed, and only two clicks to enter. Very close to the Opera personal data list.

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TY for caught bugs

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Update: It appears that localStorage gets cleared if cookies are deleted using the "Everything" time range. Is it possible to store SimpleFill entries another way? Kinda sucks to loose them when cleaning out cookies - plus it won't work in Private Browsing Mode. Refer to the following:

Update: I'm using version 25.0

Update: Upgrading to did not fix the issue. However I did manage to solve the problem: deleting cookies causes the SimpleFill data to be lost upon restart. I configured my FF not to delete cookies on exit and problem solved. I upgraded my Rating to 4-stars since I at least have a workaround now :)

Update: I removed and reinstalled the addon but still have the same problem. I disabled all other addons which didn't help.My version says 1.0.4 ... not

Settings are not saved after restarting Firefox (v25), sadly making this addon unusable.

Esta valoración es de una versión anterior del complemento (1.0.4). 

Update: The latest version of SimpleFill takes care of all your data related problems, please update your plugin to resolve your issues . It even syncs the data across ff browsers (provided you have firefox sync enabled)

Update: Yes, i am aware of this problem. There is another way of storing simplefill's data instead of localStorage or cookies, it will be available in the next version. I will be using simple-storage (for mozilla add-ons) to store the data, this will also sync across firefox browsers.

Update: Well, simplefill stores data in localStorage and not in cookies but if you are using quite older version of firefox which doesn't support localStorage then it will store in cookies. Please update me your firefox version.

Update: Firefox team take some time to update the latest version, if you want to use the latest version right away then go to this link - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/simplefill/versions/?page=1#version-

SimpleFill stores all data in localStorage which persists across ff restarts but still I have done a small update to the plugin (v1.0.4.1), please check and update me.

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really awesome, this was what i wanted. please make one for firefox mobile as well.

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Works as stated, would give 5 stars once it includes the sync option as said

Esta valoración es de una versión anterior del complemento (1.0.3). 

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there are lots of form fillers but this one is absolute exception. instead of automatically filling the forms as other form fillers do, it just adds our information to the context menu so that we can manually fill forms by clicking and not typing.

i loved this concept as other form fillers fail to detect fields and therefore fail to fill forms but this one works wonderful.

would be even good if the developer adds the sync option to the plugin or at least an option to export and import our added information.

Esta valoración es de una versión anterior del complemento (1.0.3).