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  • Does not work, the add on in the top of the page is an exact replica of the page on my browser page and never downloads my request. Worked fine until this new upgrade.
  • I started using this about 2 weeks ago. 3 conversions and about a dozen+ spurious starts (goes to website, I close tab). Google disabled my account 2 days ago and I got that back, but they also disabled my YouTube account and won't give it back, citing unnamed community guidelines violations. Is/was there malware on simpleyoutubeconverter.com that snagged my YouTube credentials and did something unspeakable with my account? I am very very pissed off.
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  • Internal error all the time, and even if it succeeds at starting to download, it fails all the time. I only managed to get 1 song after trying about 10 different ones, multiple times..