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  • Super rapido, recomendada 100
  • This was 5 star but I have been waiting for you to fix it because it doesn't work anymore. You had the absolute best. It was lightning fast, no frills, and excellent quality but BAM! just like all the rest it quit working and seems like you guys have no plans on doing anything about it. Thats too bad. This could have been huge. I used it to download educational videos but now I have to resort to unwanted downloaders. This STINKS!
    I even tried to contact you but NOTHING works. Time to uninstall.
  • Fast and Easy
  • Unreliable. You are wondering if it's going to work half the time. Waiting for something that doesn't show up isn't the best way to serve the user. Frustration makes for loss of market share. I hadn't used it for days and when I went to download something it tried to tell me I'd 'reached my download limit' which sounded to me like an irresponsibly placed message in order to cover up some other issue stopping the user from accessing the promised service. At least be honest and tell people 'the service is currently offline, sorry'. There are other add-ons that do what this one promises and they do it reliably, so why bother sitting round wasting time, hoping it works?

    Try this instead https://yd.3dyd.com/download/
  • good
  • evident and rapid !
  • A joy to use
  • It does redirect you to another site, but it does work.
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