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  • The AddOn and the whole webpage doesn't work since weeks!!! Media Downloader should delete this AddOn!
  • not working ???????
  • No longer works, dont bother installing
  • error in server response please try again
  • My first complaint is, why there's NEVER a ZERO Stars option on any site. Yeah I know already you douchbags that will say, "it's a scale of 1 - 5 Stars". Yeah knuckleheads and if we could say ZERO stars it means we wouldn't even rate the POS.

    Anyway, this POS hasn't been updated for 2 years, flag it and get it removed folks. As everyone else has pointed out it does nothing, but probably steal what ever WE GAVE it permission to access. lmfao

    I find it HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS, that when you go to the add-ons homepage and click the "Updates" link at the top all that happens is the word "Updates" appears underneath the sentence, "Don't have the firefox extension get it now!", which is there even if YOU DO have the extension installed. The same goes for the "Contact" link, all that happens is it appears below the above stated sentence, as "Contact Us".

    FLAG IT, Get it outta here!

    Peace out
  • All I get is "error in server response, please try again"