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  • How do I remove Simple Mail? It seems next to impossible!
    Brian - kayecat27@gmail.com
  • 非常喜欢这个扩展,可是FF57已经不能再用,作者能不能升级一下。谢谢!!!
  • Please, I bag you, update SimpleEmail for FF quantum.

    Your add-on is a piece of art.

    I will be more than happy to make a donation for the new upgrade.

    Thank you!
  • This adon is dead. Does not work with current Firefox versions
  • Ребята, подкрутите дополнение, без него, как без рук. Иначе придется на 56 откатываться :(
  • It is not simple mail, it is firefox. New Quantium update has lost all my folders and old e-mails. where are they? Cani ever use simple mail again. Will I be able to access the old e-mials?
  • l'unica per leggere la mia email alice
  • Ein schlanker, schneller, komfortabler und zuverlässiger eMail-Client für Firefox-Browser, u.a. für mehrere Konten/Anbieter seit Jahren - mehr braucht der Durchschnittsuser nicht. Er schlägt damit alle umfangreichen "Super-Programme", die durch ständige Updates, übertriebene Sicherheitsabfragen, russisches Roulett mit den Add-ons usw. nerven, oder gar aufgegeben werden (Outlook, Windows Live Mail, ...).

    Mit dem Update auf Firefox v57 wird Simple Mail leider als "altes Add-on" abgeschaltet. Der Nutzer wird genötigt, ein Downgrade auf v56.0.2 durchzuführen (NoScript funktioniert dann auch wieder).
  • It's great while it worked, but these asshats updated Firefox to 57 Quantum and broke it. Can you please make an update for this Add-On?
  • Обновите пожалуйста для Firefox 57.0
    Отличное дополнение,но не работает на новой версии Mozilla.
  • I use Simple Mail all the time to clean the waste e-mails from my server while leaving key messages intact. It vacuums up the mess after I'm done. As of Firefox v57 this wonderful extension no longer works, but it mattered enough to me that I've backed off from v57 to v56.0.2.
  • с сегодняшнего дня не работает
  • Ich habe meine Mail immer im Blick und zwar von allen Konten.
  • ¡¡Por favor, apoyen para que Simple Mail continúe en Firefox 57!!

    Sigue siendo fantástico, funcional, ligero y fácil de usar, pero necesita una revisión para adaptarse a los nuevos tiempos de Firefox. A partir de la versión 53 de Firefox64 para Linux, presenta pequeños problemas.

    ¡Simple Mail para siempre!


    Please, support for Simple Mail to continue in Firefox 57 !!

    It's still fantastic, functional, lightweight and easy to use, but needs a fix to adapt to the new Firefox times. As of version 53 of Firefox64 for Linux, presents small problems.

    Simple Mail Forever!
  • Cool !
  • After installing the simple-mail addon in firefox, you will of course integrate your e-mail addresses into simple-mail. Like any other e-mail program, simple mail will automatically check your e-mail addresses for e-mails and will then download all your e-mails. During this process, it will then automatically delete all emails from your e-mail online service (gmail, gmx etc. ...).
  • Since today I use Firefox version "FirefoxESR" (52.0 - 32 Bit). I've installed Simple Mail 2.91.

    My problem is, I can't add my mail account.
    If I've entered all my data (with standard settings) and I click on button "OK" ... nothing is shown in account overview.

    But why, what is happen ?
  • Ne fonctionne pas avec Gmail... :-(
  • Why asking for Software Security Device password?
  • All emails marked as unread. The worst was marked all my emails unread on my Outlook and GMail accounts too. Very bad. Is it an error or a bad configuration ? I hope it can be fixed. :(
  • All emails marked as unread is it normal??
    How get correct read unread status from my email?
  • Просьба добавть starttls в аутентификацию имап.
  • На 50.1 письма не отправляет, в отправленных появляются но с пустым адресом и т.п.
  • I noticed that SimpleMail attachments are broken when multiprocess feature enabled

    Here is what i got when tried to click the jpeg attachment:
    "Firefox doesn’t know how to open this address, because one of the following protocols (simplemail) isn’t associated with any program or is not allowed in this context."

    Is it possible to fix this issue?


    Respuesta del desarrollador

    Thanks for report, I'll check it later
  • firefox 50.1.0 не добавляет аккаунты