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  • 新版的火狐,什么时候可以支持
  • Quando clica F12 aparece o seguinte erro:
    Erro no processamento de XML: entidade não definida
    Posição: chrome://showcase/content/showcase.xul?global=true
    Número da linha 179, coluna 9:
  • ...but now also doesn't work anymore at all (starting with FF55).

    The Firefox ecosystem is dying fast now :(
  • One of the best addon. Unfortunately, from ver 50 (if I remember right) there is a problem with the dimension of tiles/title of the thumbnails (https://www.screencast.com/t/lnaWtJcQMNk). Please, fix it.
    Thank you!
  • Great addon, but some issues with FF53 (some labels have too large titles, layout glitch when closing some tabs). Hope it will be fixed soon ;-)
  • Единственное чего не хватает это работы со списком в отдельном окне.
    Также почему то не работает инвертирование отметки.
  • Great addon, but I wanna know what is this function? I have not seen any effect of this function yet?
  • I love this tool but one issue makes it much less useful to me. I like to use this to switch between tabs and to find out if I've opened the same tab twice. So I use the find feature all the time. But for this purpose, I only care about find based on Title. Problem is there is no preference to set "Search on Title" as sticky and it does not stay set to Title in subsequent searches. So by default it finds way more items than I want.

    I believe this is a bug. Can this get fixed please? I'd greatly appreciate it!

    please please please fix this issue...
  • Great job, Josep del Rio.


  • I think i got confused- tried hotkey from another add-on. Ctrl + ALT + T does work. But that's the only one that does: F12 for instance just triggers full-screen [and KeyConfig doesn't work- it's unchangeable]. Still, Cntrl+ALT+T beats a kick in the ....
    I think Sun-flower has a point- i only accidentally found Showcase, so, Joseph, you're shooting yourself in the foot.
  • I think this is a fabulous Add-on but suggest that it gets renamed to "Showcase Tabs" so that it is more self-explanatory and be easier for people to search for and find, whether by the Firefox Add-on Search of by Google Search. That way, people know what the Add-on refers to when they come across it otherwise it could be missed by people searching for such an Add-on.

    I had searched for ages looking for this kind of Add-on but almost failed to find this one or realise what it was about. Adding "Tabs" to "Showcase" would have greatly helped and would surely help others to find this great Add-on too.
  • Yes, Showcase version is broken on Windows PC too with Firefox 36. Hopefully dev. Josep will fix this soon!! Always worked very well but now get the same blank page. :(
  • Has anyone been able to get version to work in Firefox 36? (I'm on a Mac, but I doubt that matters.) This used to work really well, but since I updated Firefox all it shows is a blank window. :(
  • I'm long time missing a good Tab Sidebar add-on, and your Showcase is only of them. This is an excellent easy to use one! Much thanks for developing and providing it.
    (I sent a features improvement e-mail to your given address.)
  • Is there any chance to moove the sidebar to the right?
  • I was using Chrome for a while until I got tired of it opening dozens of separate processes, one for each tab. I switched back to FF and one thing I sorely missed from Chrome was their Tabs Outliner extension. It was fantastic. It had tons of options and the one I used was to display all tabs in all windows as a list of page titles with icons in a separate window. It was arranged by window with a subtree of tabs for each one. I could browse all my tabs in a couple of page downs. Nothing could be simpler or more useful for me as I have hundreds of tabs open in dozens of windows. This FF add-on is the closest thing I could find to Tabs Outliner but it is nothing like it. No option to display as list so you get a grid of thumbnails, occupying huge open spaces on the page, with the first word of the title for all hibernating tabs (I use Suspend Tabs to save on memory usage), which are the majority. So you can't tell what the thumbnails are referring to. Nothing could be more useless or occupy more page real estate. Huge disappointment. I think at the very least, the author should implement the tree list idea of Tabs Outliner as an option. That's the only way this could be salvaged.
  • Working generally well, I've never had issues with this addon.
  • Works really well, however it is missing a very important feature: searching through titles of unloaded tabs across all windows. I frequently maintain sessions of over a hundred tabs spanned over multiple windows, but I have it set so Firefox does not load these tabs until I click on the tab. However, I need the Showcase search to look through these unloaded tab titles in case it is relevant to my search. Currently, it seems to only do this for a single window, but in All Windows mode it does not search through unloaded tab titles.
  • Nice to have. I like it.Unfortunately, using Firefox 25 (and/or 25.0.1) with both Tab Mix Plus (by onemen, v and Showcase (v results here in steadily crashes as I try opening a link with "Open Link in New Tab" or "Open Link in Foreground Tab". This sometimes is followed by Firefox constantly crashing at startup - unless I manage to start in safe mode to switch to a different webpage that counts as the last opened one.The reason might be some change at the little arrow-down-button that usually shows a list (and/or view with Showcase) of recently opened tabs.Mail to both developers is done, this entry here is just for the meanwhile until it's fixed.
  • Doesn't work with tab groups. It shows thumbnails from all groups no matter what tab group is opened.
  • I love it ! and I customized the position (moved to the top) and the background (added a dock) please check my stylish style here > http://userstyles.org/styles/94040/topsidebar-tabspreview-dock
  • After invoking thumbnail cache firefox crashed again and again. By switching cache off it seems to work properly.
  • It's not the prettiest, but it doesn't need to be. It's fast and it has freaking everything, don't bother searching further for tab previews
  • Sorry but I do not understand: Why replace a predefined function (group management) with a plugin that does not consider them (puts everything into a single list) and saving the previews to off. Unfortunately enabling the saving of the thumbnails FF crashes frequently!
  • I am LOST without this add-on. Really hoping there will be an update for FF 21.0