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  • Comment navigation buttons are not working for me. They don't show up when I enable them in the settings.
  • Works really good, heaps of options in the settings, doesn't ask for any dodgy permission, this extension a hidden gem for reddit!!!
  • Doesn't seem to work anymore? Does not change anything. I tried messing with SHINE settings and it does nothing. Used to work great and loved it.

    Edit: It's the new horrible design of Reddit that it doesn't work with. Still works with old.reddit.com

    love the options to change the them color and grid styles. I won't go back to regular reddit style.
    You can opt-out from the redesign for now, I highly recommend doing this.
  • Very nice layout. It makes things much more digestible. One thing I would like to see though is an option to exclude specific subreddits.
    Thank you for comment and suggestion. I will think about it.
  • Awesome thanks
  • For me, this is the best extension for Reddit on Firefox. The UI is awesome. Thanks for a great extension.
  • Gorgeous customizations, with a fluid, smooth, and reactive interface. Sexiest Reddit add-on I've come across yet. Can't wait to see where the devs take this gem. Thanks for creating and sharing Shine! <3
  • need update please, many images can't load, thanks. best reddit extension, can't live without it
    Newest update should fix problem with images.
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