Historial de versiones de ScribeFire Next

13 versiones

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Versión 964.7 KiB Funciona con Firefox 23.0 - 56.*

Fixed blogger making new posts
re introduced livejournal
fixed image uploading issues
added browser spell checker
various other UX improvements

Versión 962.0 KiB Funciona con Firefox 23.0 - 56.*

Versión 4.0.1-signed.1-signed 578.7 KiB Funciona con Firefox 3.6 - 13.*

* Using OAuth authorization for Wordpress.com blogs
* Using OAuth authorization for Blogger blogs
* Added support for "Read more" in LiveJournal blog posts
* Support for image upload via copy/paste
* Private posts in Posterous

Versión 1.9.1-signed.1-signed 571.6 KiB Funciona con Firefox 3.6 - 10.0a1

New Features

Added a setting page.
Added ability to publish to multiple blogs at once
Post templates – save any post as a template for future use.
“Blog This” now uses a custom template like it did in the old version of ScribeFire.
Added table management features to the editor.
Support for Dreamwidth blogs
Added ability to specify a default link target
Added option for right-to-left text

Bug Fixes

When resizing images by manually changing the width or height, the aspect ratio is preserved.

Versión 1.8.1-signed.1-signed 504.3 KiB Funciona con Firefox 3.6 - 8.0a1

New Features

* Added support for Markdown in the code editor
* Added ability to edit a blog's username/password without removing and re-adding the blog
* Added ability to save drafts without first setting up a blog

Bug Fixes

* Fixed bug causing buttons to be blank
* Improved support for My.Opera blogs
* Fixed bug causing ScribeFire to see all Blogger drafts as published

Versión 505.8 KiB Funciona con Firefox 3.6 - 7.0a1

* Updated to use Posterous's new API
* Improved support for all blogging platforms
* Fixed editor flickering problem
* Fixed blog detection on LiveJournal blogs that have Adult Content notices

Versión 1.7.1-signed.1-signed 489.3 KiB Funciona con Firefox 3.6 - 6.*

New Features

* Added AdBull monetization option for bloggers

Bug Fixes

* Fixed bug causing error message to be displayed after successful Posterous post
* Fixed Zemanta Related Articles feature

Versión 1.6.1-signed.1-signed 489.3 KiB Funciona con Firefox 3.6 - 5.*

New Features

* Drag-and-drop image uploading. Just drag and drop one or more images into the editor, and they will upload automatically. (Note: This feature is still a work in progress; please report any bugs you experience with it.)
* Notes will now import from ScribeFire for Firefox into ScribeFire Next.
* Ability to insert related images from Zemanta.
* Import/export feature to help you move your ScribeFire settings between computers.

Bug Fixes

* Fixed image uploading to WordPress
* Updated Posterous API functions
* Fixed display of non-ASCII fonts
* Fixed support for new YouTube embed code
* Pressing Return in the the “Add a link” dialog now submits the form and closes the dialog.
* Improved import process of blogs from earlier versions of ScribeFire

Versión 477.2 KiB Funciona con Firefox 3.6 - 4.0.*

Bug Fixes

* Fixed bug causing "Publish" button to hang forever
* Fixed buggy behavior of "Blog This" when ScribeFire is already open
* Fixed handling of invalid XML from blog servers
* Better Firefox 4 compatibility
* Fixed LiveJournal authentication issue


* Added "Related Articles" feature by Zemanta
* Cleaner two-column layout
* Better localization
* Added support for My.Opera blogs
* Added a warning when you might be losing an unsaved post

Versión 344.1 KiB Funciona con Firefox 3.6 - 4.0.*

* Added button for easy inserting of videos into blog posts.
* Retrieving more posts by default for Wordpress
* Added search box for filtering the entries list
* Added image uploading to Blogger from Chrome.

Versión 332.0 KiB Funciona con Firefox 3.6 - 4.0b8pre

* Fixed Tumblr login issue
* Added support for Wordpress pages.

Versión 330.0 KiB Funciona con Firefox 3.6 - 4.0b8pre

* Better handling of invalid responses from blog APIs
* Cleaned up date scheduler
* Post content is now kept in the editor after publishing
* ScribeFire now saves drafts locally if the blog doesn't support them
* Fixed manual blog setup
* Added support for excerpts
* Fixed bug affecting HTML inside PRE tags
* Fix to workaround buggy blog APIs

Versión 328.0 KiB Funciona con Firefox 3.6 - 4.0b8pre

* Updated for compatibility with Mobile 2.0