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  • No longer works with Blogger and several other listed systems.

  • It would be more useful if it allowed to write and save posts while offline, then post them once connected, like pop3 for email ... and also if it wasn't necessary to close it and open it up again for each blog to connect to, but once set up and online it does do what it is meant to.

  • To get it to work reset firefox.

  • Ich habe nach verschiedenen Versuchen mit "normalen" Blogeditoren in diesem kleinen Addon alles gefunden, was ich für das Arbeiten unter WordPress brauche.

    Arbeitet unter Firefox 29 bisher problemlos, hoffe daß es mit der 30er Version ebenso weitergeht.

    Good work !

  • Good, they updated it to latest Firefox. Now i can abandon my buggy Blogilo, which is just gettin more buggy with each release.
    Still minor flaws, through, like lack of relative links for media support.

  • Doesn't seem to have been updated at all.

  • I haven't used ScribeFire Next yet (nor it's ancestor) but I like to share my experience with adding a Blogger blog: if SFN says your password wasn't accepted when adding your Blogger blog, you probably tripped over Google's 2-way authentication. SFN can't send you a SMS code. The solution is to go to your account settings at Google and click the security tab. Under the heading "Two way authentication" (or whatever it's called in your language) there's a link: "Manage application specific passwords." Over there you can generate a random pass phrase that you should copy and past in password field in the login box in the ScribeFireNext add-on.

  • ffabris … thanks for the tip.think the 4.2.4 version is still in the beta-stage … but since the 4.0 no longer worked with the latest firefox update … i did what you did.uninstalled 4.0 and installed 4.2.4 … we'll see from there.

    of course, if you do go this route … the previous "notes" probably will all be gone. in order to defeat those notes from being deleted … something about the local "scribefire.sqlite" file. reference the link below. might necessitate keeping a copy of that file …naming it differently.


  • 4.2 is hiding under "Old releases", who knows why. It was released this year. I instaleld it. Superficially, I see no difference.

  • i can login onwordpress. but i can't find a button to publicize it on wordpress

  • The addon doesn't work... ScribeFire used to be good, but they broke it, then they abandoned it.I wish they would make it OpenSource so we could take it over.

  • I tried adding all the blogs that are supposed to be support by scribefire, and not one of them can be added. It keeps telling me about API. Shouldn't that already be taken care of. I really liked scribefire, but it's just useless to me now. Please fix it. It's the only blog platform I know that will take my wordpress and tumblr blogs all at the same time. Also, scribefire classic will not work for me. So I am just stuck.

  • From the looks of it they have abandoned this add on which is a shame. It was doing so well. I of course much prefer the classic version, but I was hoping they would update this version soon enough. Now though it's been a year, the website is static and no news on any development. I wish someone would take this over and update it for everyone.

  • It is great! May you make this addon compatible with SeaMonkey?

  • Hello mdrouin,

    the last update was on Octobre 23, 2011.
    When will there be the next update?

    Best thanks for your answer

  • ScribeFire has got a terrific combination with FireFox. No matter what blog platform you use, Firefox with ScribeFire is an One-Stop-Solution for all your blogging needs. Post to Multiple blogs at one go,Editing your old posts, Tagging and Categorizing in a better SEO perspective are some great help to a common blogger. It has got all the facility needed for a perfect blogging application. Hats off to you - Mozilla FireFox and ScribeFire for such a great contribution to the blogger community. Adsense facilities are also available.

  • It would appear that this extension has been abandoned by its developer. It only functions with a few blogging platforms, and when those api's change, who knows. I've tried using this in Opera, Firefox, and Chrome, and it has the same issues in all. It's a shame, it was a great alternative to WLW. However, WLW has been updated and is working better, though still not with Tumblr or Posterous, so I guess I'm going back to using it.

  • Please return the classic look. I would not go to this version!

  • I've tried to use this on wordpress.com but it simply doesn't work. After providing initial details for linking to my account, it doesn't show any established connection to my blog what so ever. Tested creating a new post and nothing was saved on my blog, it simply doesn't work with wordpress.com.
    Wasted time, wasted effort.

  • What is this?!!
    Tried this one twice and had to go back to the old Classic version. Which is slow but at least works!

    It seems like the developers don't care!!

  • Dreadful. It simply doesn't work. I spent 40 minutes trying to make it work with two of my WordPress blogs. Deleted it and went back to my old ScribeFire plugin.

  • It is a crying shame you stopped something that worked and replaced it with something that doesn't. I have been using ScribeFire since before it was ScribeFire. When I saw this new generation of it come out I was excited. I installed it and it was too different and missing features, so I went back to the classic hoping that the issues would be worked out in the new generation. Now ScribeFire classic will no longer be supported, so again I reinstalled the next. I could get used to it; but there are some major issues that MUST be fixed or I will drop ScribeFire like a hot rock. First and most important is Spell-Check. I read the developer issues site and it is marked as can't fix. It better be fixed or I'm dropping it. Next is right click. Give us some edit options on right click please. Not a make or break, but it sure would be nice.

    Unfortunately what I think I am seeing is Scribe-Fire moving on to Chrome and to hell with FireFox. Please do not do this. Please fix this or at least if you do not want to support FireFox put it out there and try to find someone else that is willing to develop and update for FireFox. I would if I could, but I do not have the knowledge.

    *** I will revise this in one way. The right click works in the tabbed mode, which allows access to FireFox's Spell-Checker. So there is a work around, but my rating stands. Who want's a work around in a new and "Improved" Add-On??

  • If it ain't broke don't fix it. Completely lost all my saved blogs ! ! ! with no way of accessing. Removed this updated version which installed itself without my knowledge or input after discovering the above. Reinstalled old excellent version, recovered saved blogs, booted up this morning, new version had installed itself again without my input, have lost access to my saved blogs again. Next move to remove this once great App and find an alternative which I have control over.

  • I like almost everything about the new look of ScribeFire Next, and it´s just slightly easier to use than the previous version, but.... the biggest flaw for someone like myself who runs a photo blog is that there is no "upload from your computer" any longer - meaning that it negates all the good stuff about SFN. I have had to switch back to the old version again so I can easily update my blog with daily photos...

  • There's a slight problem. I access ScribeFire by adding a toolbar button next to the address bar. When I right click on it, on Firefox 3.6, it displays a context menu with the options Open ScribeFire in a tab, Open ScribeFIre in a window and Open ScribeFire split-screen.

    On Firefox 4 however, the context menu is a little messed up. I can see the text options and the highlight, but the background is transparent.

    Other than that, it works fine. I actually posted a test post using it on Firefox 4 where I posted a screenshot of the problem. I posted it here: http://rewritingnotes.wordpress.com/2011/04/09/i-think-i-found-a-bug/