System color display in Firefox Puntuado con 2 de 5 estrellas

Concerning Wolfger annoyance (which I also encountered, in an identical context). The problem is not (only) with the extension. It\'s a widespread bug in Firefox. When using inverted system colors (windows dark, text white), some \"portions\" of Firefox recognize the change, others don\'t. For example, try and open the \"add-ons menu; you will see the title of inactive extensions, because it is grayed out by default; but there will be invisible titles for active extensions!. And this occurs in spite of the fact that under \"options->content-> colors\" one selects \"use system colors\". Equally, the tooltips do not recognize the _background_ color as chosen in the systems \"display properties\"... Anyway, things are even worse in Netscape, Opera, Explorer: they don\'t even allow _you_, the _user_, to override the defaults of the page you are loading... Solution? Two, less radical than the alternative of Wolfger. 1. Under \"display->appearence->advanced\", modify the element of the theme named \"window\" (from the drop-down menu), in particular \"font\". Instead of using \"white\" for font, put a light shade of grey. You can also darken the \"color\" of the \"window\" to darker, such as to increase contrast. What you get, is a font of a color visible in Firefox\'s \"portions\" which do not obey the system colors, including add-ons (my biggest annoyance was related to Scrapbook, which is equally colorblind (typing and notes titles equally!). The result is barely satisfactory but you keep your dark windows (which are quite neat, especially for an autumnal theme - I used a Longhorn dark variety). 2. Give up your dark windows, and keep all the rest. Therefore, you inver the colors for \"window\" and \"font\", in the \"window\" element of the theme. Everything will look as the theme is, except for that applications will have the regular whitish windows (BTW, why is it taken for granted that one should type/write black on white and not the other way around ?...). The compensation is that buggy applications which ignore/mess up the system display setting will still be usable... Cheers, M.

Esta valoración es de una versión anterior del complemento (1.4.2).