Nice and useful, but needs some enchancements. Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas

1. When link is hovered two nice icons appear - "Is it safe" and like search icon that has 2 submenues - regular and private views.
I think it is more comfortable to show 3 icons directly, without 2-stages access to views (3 is not significantly bigger then 2)
2. The regular view works only via context menu. It doesn't work via small icon
3. Instead of regular view that previews the link it is better to have tentative load and I want to explain what I mean.
3.1 Why I neeed "Is it safe"? To know if this link is safe and if it is safe - to load it, otherwise - to decide what to do - to take risk or to run away.
3.2 So, clicking on "Is it safe?" I get very nice report from most valuable checkers (SiteAdviser, WOT, Norton etc.) and if report satisfies me - I click on link and load it.
3.3 From my point of view it is a little bit time wasting: in the beginning I need to check status (and this takes time until report appears) and then - I will (or will not) click on link.
3.4 My proposal for tentative load is follows: it invokes checkers and if all is safe - loads a page. Otherwise - shows the report.
3.5 This way will be significantly faster. Of course, I (as user) must define the criteria of "not safe" and timeout for slow checkers (sometimes TrustWaves works slow, for example).
3.6 This tentative load might be instead of regular live preview or in addition to it. I think, that tentative load will be even simplier in implementation, than regular preview.
Thank you