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  • Loved this. Use the equivalent on Chrome too. Unfortunately, the latest FF updates have broken it. I'm not a FF dev, but I dont think it's fixable unless they put in explicit double-right click detection.

    Anyways, an ugly fix I whipped up and have been testing for a couple days works well. You need Autohotkey, which you should try anyways... the script for it is here:

  • One of my all time favorite plugins. Unfortunately with the release of Firefox v.52 it now leaves up the right click menu on the next tab. Still, I have to give it 5 stars. Hoping for an update soon.

  • Just started when I started using v53
    No problem with v51

  • and it is pretty annoying.

  • De nature aventureuse, je teste souvent de nouveaux modules ; celui-ci ne me déçoit pas, il permet de s'enfuir rapidement d'une page.

  • Great idea. Simple and effective. Thanks for this add-on.

  • Enhances internet-browsing skill and makes it much easier and faster.
    Can't imagine work without it!

  • Gets the job done! works flawless across all my devices! thank you!

  • Удобно

  • Works as advertised in FF34.

  • Works perfectly.


  • It conflicts with my Gestures and MOST of the time it closes in just ONE right click.

    or increase it to TRIPLE click cause the other right click functions on the right click being executed is being recognized as a QUICK double click.

  • Works flawlessly with Pale Moon 4.0.7. A must have Firefox add-on.

  • like I did. works 70-80% of the time

  • There is a tendency for it to delay shutting down the tab so if you click it again you shut the next one down as well. Annoying.

  • It works (with Nightly tester tools) on Firefox 4 beta 12. Dear developer, thank you very much! It would be nice to update it anyway.

  • I like it the way it is. For those of us who constantly juggle 1000000000000000000000000000000 tabs it is an improvement over looking for the correct tab, mousing to it and then clicking it off. I put this one in my "Apollo! Pack!" collection and I like it!

  • Would you PLEASE make a version compatibile with FF 4.00b

  • @Don-Petrushka: FireGestures is extremely loaded. This is nice and does what a person needs. Very light weight. Very simple.

    Although when you double click the context menu does pop open after a tab close.

  • Sehr gelungenes Addon, das eine Menge Mausbewegungen einspart!

  • Simple time saver, great and should be in ff since the 0.01

  • I think, it's more convenient to use the FireGestueres for this. In the FireGestures there are much more various functions for managing of the browser by a mouse.

  • Установил, пользуюсь. Отличная идея.
    Согласен с теми, кто пишет здесь о том, что правой кнопкой не очень удобно делать двойной клик. Может, лучше было бы сделать больше индивидуальных настроек. Например, двойной клик по колёсику или по левой кнопке.

  • The 'Double Click Closes Tab' extension on Chrome browser is excellent, in that a double left click closes the active tab, and has programmable preferences.

    The same thing on Firefox would be great, and would avoid the annoying context menu blink when right clicking (plus, double left clicking is more intuitive than double right clicking).