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  • Have been using this for a couple of years now for testing our REST APIs, using POST, OAuth and JSON content, works perfectly, easy to use, best tool I came across!
  • open rest client.. Click on Restclient on the right top (next to settings)..which will load new page.. below you will find Firefox add-on (version 2.xxx) compatibility with firefox.. just click on it.. It prompts for allow on top.just click on allow and once it downloaded... install and restart the firefox.. thr u go..Sorry for my Bad english
  • After upgrade this Add-on is not working.

    This add-on is very useful, expecting the fixes soon.

    Please Fix it ASAP.

    Thank you.
  • It dosn't work with Version 46.0.1 of firefox :(
  • It's a really good tool, which currently doesn't work with FF 46 (Send doesn't do anything anymore).
  • With FF, RestClient no longer works. Pressing the SEND button does nothing and there seems to be no recovery from this.
  • Please fix.
  • Before Firefox 46 everything was ok, but now it's not working, nothing happens when I click on "Send" button
  • Not working in FF 46.0 version
  • Really love it! Does what is states in a simple way
  • This projects looks unfortunately abandoned; stopped working in Firefox >46
  • I have no idea why those last two reviews are so negative, but this helped me out in testing with a vendor that suddenly decided to move to a REST API with only a few weeks notice.
  • Some months ago I wrote this rating, giving only 1 star. Since then Firefox evolved and the most annoying bug vanished:

    [stroke]When I add a OAuth key the first time, I have to remove the modal overlay manually using developer tools.[/stroke]

    Most bugs still persist:

    Editing behaviour of request body text field is unexpected:
    You click in the field and the box grows in size, reflowing text. Then it annoys you further, by selecting the whole text, instead of letting the cursor just be.

    If you type in the URL field, it suggests previous URLs (coming from the browser, not addon). Good! When you navigate with the arrow keys to the desired item and press Enter, the request is directly sent. Bad!

    Animations are really slow and distracting.

    In the header dropdown, you don't see all of the content, e.g. there is an entry "Content-Type: appli…" and another entry "Content-Type: appli…". ╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    Today, when I added an OAuth key, deleted it and added another one, it sent the request with the previous key. FML

    I wrote previously:
    "This addon was never finished and died a year ago. It seems the developer lost interest, given it was incarnated ca. 4 years ago and last commit is 1 year ago."
    This still holds true.
  • nice. this has more sophisticated features i need.
  • For all the people who need PATCH method, just click on the 'Method' dropdown list and instead of choosing from the list of existing methods, start typing in the box. It's a combo box and it will allow you to type PATCH as the name of the method and you're good to go.

    It would be nice though if developer would add PATCH method to the list of default methods.
  • Needs PATCH method!!!!! It's good for all the other http methods, but there's no PATCH support! And with more and more applications becoming ReSTful, and with frameworks like spring 4 / boot and other scaffolding-based frameworks, PATCH is a standard method for updating an entity. I will be using a different rest client until this one is fixed to support PATCH
  • Please add PATCH command to the REST client.
  • Muy bueno
  • One small thing came up my mind to bother me about RESTClient add-on is that can't render "Response Body (Preview)" when HTML returned from server. There is a small negative left padding exists somehow. Except that bug, it's flawless.

    Update: Rating decreased 5 stars to 3 stars due to a few bugs/inabilities;
    * You can't add more than one headers properly.
    * No raw view for HTTP request (as Medlock Perlman mentioned below).
    I hope developer will consider these comments for next release.
  • How to load old requests? I always type all content for once using it. They should be listed to select from history?
  • I've used a couple of chrome plugins as well. This one is neat and professional compared to those. Does the job very neat.
  • SOAP, REST and simple HTTP-request.
    Custom message body. Very nice! Thanks for you addon!
  • Great addin but unfortunately it's dead for a long time even being open sourced.
  • I can handle all my use cases
  • I don't take the time to write reviews often. But I literally created an account so I can tell you NOT TO DOWNLOAD THIS.

    I stupidly wasted a day chasing bugs that just happened to be resulting from this terrible extension.

    Seriously, download SoapUI if you want reliable web service testing. You're way better off.