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It does what it claims. The addon also works on FF 11.0a1 (nightly at the momento), after manually editing firefox maxversion parameter into install.rdf file. I think that white/black lists is a better approach than that of the built-in FF feature to avoid all or none redirections.

This extension only blocks META refresh, not javascript refresh, but there's a solution for that, I found a userscripts.org script (for GreaseMonkey or Scriptish addons) https://www.userscripts.org/scripts/show/35375 which I've succesfully tested in drudgereport.com (example pointed in previous reviews here) after adding the URL, or a wildcard, in the include list of the script options (but be careful with the wildcards as using it kinda whitelist mode, in some pages, will block interstitial advertising loaded previously to the loading of the main page, so it could block the latter, and doesn't have alerts).

I second previous reviewers asking for an option to place an icon in the status bar to ease the addition of white/black lists rules; and also asking for an option to avoid the alert message on blocked META refresh, that's something that can be alerted through statusbar icon also.Although fortunatelly, you can remove the alert message strip by manually editing the addon, but be careful because you won't get any feedback when redirections got blocked and you may not notice it missing something... using 7-zip:
- Open compressed file (.xpi addon file)
- Go to ..\chrome\RefreshBlocker.jar and Open Inside it
- Go to ..\content\RefreshBlocker.js and edit (F4) it
- Remove code from (including, search it):... this.addNotification ...until the (including):... } ... inmediately previous to (excluding, search it)... this.isBlocked ...
- Close editor and 7-zip accepting to overwrite and to update the compressed file when needed

And about the addon options, it's needed more information... is debug mode creating logs? where? maybe a button can be added to acess log from options window or from a potential status bar button. Is the javascript regular expressions https://developer.mozilla.org/en/JavaScript/Guide/Regular_Expressions the only way to use "wildcards" in the white/black list as it seems? It should be specified that javascript regexp doesn't seems to work if they are enclosed in /slashes/ as the guide I linked right before claims...Sumarizing, this addon has pontential to be a must have addon if author could add the javascript refresh block feature, add previously described extra options, and add a bit of user help.