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is the first extension/button that kind that does what it should do (TB 3.1.7, XP). Great. All others I tried don't work!

There may be a problem displaying icons if you don't use default theme. The developer doesn't use his own icons and some themes may not be a 100% compatible or so. I copied the needed default icons and edited the skin .css; I now have icons. In detail it's to large to post here and I don't know where I can post (in short: 1. Extraxt mail-toolbar*.png from default theme, 2. Edit the list-style-image property. If someone knows where I could post details and/or the files, I will do).

Some wanted features do not/will not work, because I think, that the extension does the same thing as the B/F shortcut and these shortcuts don't provide the features. So it is a TB problem, not the extension. If TB would work ...