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I already loved this add on but I've now discovered that in combination with Firegestures I can toggle any or all of my toolbars with a quick mouse gesture.

Great stuff : D

I really hope Mozilla don't break this one ; )

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I just wanted to say thanks for your reply ...

I'm afraid I didn't get around to finding out where I'd gone wrong, all I recall is that it began after I tried out the "Show All Toolbars" command in Options, and I only just now noticed your warning to disable other toolbars before doing so... sorry about that.

I've moved on to FF 23 Portable now and forgot to have another look before I wiped my old IceDragon directory, but it looks like a case of User Error anyway : -)

I've been using this for a few days now, and it's excellent, definitely my favourite solution of its type. The ability to include custom toolbars is extremely useful.


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Great add-on, and worthwhile just for the ability to assign hotkeys to toolbars including third-party ones.

However, I'm not sure how I managed this, but somehow every time I restart IceDragon now, it starts with the developer toolbar showing and the IceDragon update toolbar showing.

I've tried everything to reverse this but no joy so far.Still an excellent add-on and I don't object to starting again with a clean version of IceDragon. I'd just rather know how I ended up with it like this :-)

Hi, thank you for the review.
Have you tried to hide those toolbars using quicktoolbars again ? Toolbars hidden using the add-on should stay hidden after restart.
I don't have time any more to work on the add-on but you can contact me by e-mail if necessary.