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Brilliant idea, excellent execution and an essential addon. Greatly improves the browsing experience.

I do however *still* get an issue where the search bar 'hangs' on Google search (like without this extension installed, but without the ability to click in the box to input text), and I have to right click on the toolbar and select 'Customise...' to get it to spring back to the set of icons.

EDIT: No, it's set for 0ms/instantaneous. Thanks for the reply. I've had this problem for many months. I recently disabled all but my most essential addons and it still happened, right after I re-enabled Adblock Plus, although I think that was just coincidence. It only happens on occasion, maybe once a day, and it is not obvious/easy to isolate the cause, especially since it only happens infrequently and I often only realise it has happened when I do the next search. The only search addon apart from this that I have used previously is 'Add to Search Bar'. I only install that addon when I want to add another search engine, and have not had it installed or disabled for months.

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Hey, Oliver. Thanks for the review.
Is there perhaps a delay set in your Quick Search Bar options, Clearing / Hiding tab?