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  • It is an absolutely necessary addon, when you visit sites that forbid automatic insertion of logins/passwords by a browser. It makes it possible to bypass the limitations imposed by such sites.
    I would have rewritten this for Firefox Quantum but there are simply no APIs available that are privileged enough to get close to the passwords. So I had to switch to Waterfox, sadly.
  • Please, please, please can you fix it? Thank you <3
    Edited - I downloaded the hotfix, but I dont know how to use it :(
    Can you please explain what I have to do. Thank you <3
    Edited 2 - Hi dear Axel
    Thank you so much for your quick reply :)
    Th new version 3.8.1 is working fine again yeahhhhh
    Thank you Thank you Thank you.

    I wish you a very beautiful day dear Axel <3
  • I just updated to Firefox 51 and now the search field doesn't automatically pick the site I'm on anymore, doesn't copy any of my data (password, username...) and has thus become useless. It's basically just the regular Firefox password window with a bunch of non-functioning elements from your add-on. I use it quite excessively so I'd appreciate you look into this. Thank you. :)

    (I do not want to sign up and submit a bug on Bugzilla@Mozdev because my e-mail would be publically visible. Sorry about that.)
    Here is the bug report and an attached version there that should fix it:


    this disables e10s by setting the flag. I need a quick reply if it works you can email me via the support site so that I can upload the new version for the other users. tia.
  • No domain filtering
    No context menu
    ...and must obviously be fixed. can you raise a bug please?


    In the meantime, you can disable it via about:config setting
    browser.tabs.remote.autostart = false
  • Firefox 50
    Not compatible with multiprocess ("Add-on Compatibility Reporter" says it): http://storage8.static.itmages.com/i/16/1125/h_1480104853_5482066_2c13034c4c.jpeg

    Here is a bug report and a version that hopefully fixes it:

  • Excelente!
  • I used to have a notepad page that listed all my passwords, not very secure & there were so many it took ages to find the right one. Life is so much easier now with Quick Passwords - a few seconds & I'm logging in. I'd be lost without it now, quick easy & secure - what more do you need? Highly recommended.
  • This add on has saved my ass many times. I have another password manager which is much harder to use, so this is my default. As far as I know you can't download your pw list, otherwise this is a great app!
    check out the new backup / restore buttons! It is wise to make a separate backup of key3.db as well as the passwords are encrypted. If you want to store the passwords in plain text (not recommended) you simply hold down SHIFT while hitting the backup button. There is an in depth explanation here:

    Also note that QuickPasswords is building functionality on the (built-in) password management system in Firefox - which also includes SYNC. This means you can load your passwords anywhere on another Firefox version (e.g. on a tablet or mobile device) as long as you log into your firefox account - even without having QuickPasswords.
  • Some sites are problematic and that pop-up prompt you get so used to clicking "Save". I've had problems with MS Exchange web access at work and today Blizzard Entertainment's Battle.net. Sites with 2-step verification often have 2 password fields. It copies the wrong password and then you overwrite the old one accidentally. If you use a good password generator, this leaves you without access. Feature request: A per entry "Never update" check box in addition to an entry specific check box for keeping a brief PW history for problematic sites. Could put in a warning that history is a last resort." Store the history in memory so that it goes away when the browser shuts down.
    A more secure alternative would be to have an additional button that updates the timestamp only rather than the userid / pw fields and a prompt if the current PW is different from the old one.
    ... is that the more prompts you add, the more they are being ignored. So adding more prompts can make the problem worse; however a "recover last password" might be an interesting feature for your use case. I am also currently working on a backup / restore functionality, I am just missing the (difficult) encryption bit.

    In the meantime - can you please raise your feature request at my support site:

    Update - related bug:

    Update2 - I created a user account at battle.net, but cannot find the 2-step verification you mentioned. Their login page


    simply asks for username and password.
  • Cumple y te las guarda, pero hay veces que hay que poner manualmente el usuario y la contraseña. Pero esas son las menos.
    En general cumple muy bien.
  • a function to generate strong password would be great
    ...but it has to have a good random component. The problem with algorithms that create passwords is that they also make them easier to crack. But I agree; how about raising a feature request, here: http://quickpasswords.mozdev.org/bugs.html
  • Been using QuickPasswords for several years. I find it very handy and easy to use. A few clicks and user ID and password are inserted! For some webpages it only takes one click, but most web pages now are taking a separate click for the ID then another to insert the password. For new websites, QP can guess the fields for you saving input set up time. The developer is active in updating and providing an avenue to communicate. This is one very worthy app (QP ver 3.5.1) you will likely use everyday. Please keep it going with the small donation for the excellent value you get!
  • Nah, there are password managers that log you in with 1 click, those are the quick ones. Not this one where you first have to open some option windows and then click on and on...
    .. I am planning a more streamlined version, but I wanted to emphasize the fact that MOZILLA stores the passwords for you - it is the Firefox password store not "some options window" - I also need it a lot where I have MULTIPLE logins to choose from so you need the option to select the right one - it automatically selects the most recent one.

    It takes two clicks if you use it correctly (1-button or context menu, 2-login button), but I want to get it down to 1 click in a future version so your critizism is definitely correct. Other Addons do not correct the login info or give you a SSO mass password change feature which can save you a lot of time.
  • I earlier used another extension to insert passwords on sites (Secure Login) but it worked very poorly. At last I decided to look for a replacement. And I did find a great one! I'm saying about QuickPasswords - works really securely and works in ALL cases! Thanks!!
  • This is one of handiest add-ons available for the Mozilla family (I'm using Pale Moon). Security is important -- no doubt -- but for those of us who use only one laptop, the hurdles and fences of password security are --let's face it -- annoying. This is especially true of sites that try to prevent auto fill. QuickPasswords fills this niche perfectly; it maintains security, but puts passwords and autofill right at your fingertips. I use this add-on several times a day, every day. It works great, and this is why I encourage others to support this author. This is a must!
  • randomly opens up developer's home page, I don't like it
    [To the Moderators: please do not delete this review, as it might be important for other users]

    ...the official way to get changes into an Addon is the support site, I already raised this bug for you:

    once you (or any other user) vote for or comment or add their CC on the bug I will upload the version with that feature. New features go through Bugzilla and are attached to the bug for testing; if you want a feature that cuts me off from funding the least you can do is test it.

    The change log doesn't open up RANDOMLY. It happens only when QuickPasswords is updated, so you would have seen the version history exactly FOUR times or less in 2014 (November 17, December 16, April 25 and April 13). I think this is fair, as the software makes a modification to your system and full disclosure of this is important. Like all Firefox Add-ons, QuickPasswords runs with privileged rights so it would have full access to your system.

    You have complained about it SIX TIMES now; you should have seen the screen ONE time since December 16. If you use QuickPasswords for a whole year and have seen the version history tab more than 4 times, then please raise a separate BUG so I can FIX it. It is not by design when you see the version tab outside of an update.

    There is no need to "get angry" about me storing the version number in extensions.quickpasswords.version because the addon needs to know whether it was updated in order to NOT display the version hints when you load it again and in order not to do any update / tidy up actions. It also needs to know that it wasn't installed freshly because then it would display the welcome page with a description on how to use it.

    Once you DELETE or MODIFY extensions.quickpasswords.version YOU ARE ACTUALLY CAUSING THE PROBLEM your are COMPLAINING about The version history is ONLY SHOWN ON UPDATE.. A lot of Add-ons (*) store their current version number for precisely that reason. The reason for storing it is to show the correct version log precisely ONE time.

    (*) a lazy search in my about config returns at least: Colorzilla, Zombie Keys, Adblock Plus, Down Them All, extension test, FEBE, IETab2, Image Zoom, Lazarus, Saved Passwords Editor, Tabmix Plus, unMHT, NoScript, New Addon Bar - these all store their current version number, in order to avoid displaying invalid information on startup

    Once somebody is interested in the bug fix I will upload a version for everybody - make sure to *add* the new setting *before* restarting Fx then you won't see the version log (which ironically will describe the new setting). Good luck with 100+ Addons...https://www.mozdev.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=25931

    PS: there is also a newer version of QuickPasswords here
    which also inludes the change from [Bug 25931]. I would prefer if people left some feedback at [Bug 25931] as I really don't know whether you are the only one who feels that strongly about displaying change logs.
  • I actually run this alongside Master Password+ and Saved Password Editor. I found that the combo of all of these makes Firefox a nearly complete, robust, and flexible password management system. Easy and just great!

    Also, hooray for the GNU GPL as the license. Works like this that respect software freedom deserve our support!
    There will be more improvements around logging on (and export/import), I definitely recommend SPE as an alongside install. As regards MasterPassword+ I find it a little too much for my personal purposes; that's why I added the "lock" button on the bottom right which can be used to lock out unauthorized users. Still having a little problems with having the correct icon shown on Firefox startup (there should be a lock displayed unless you enter the MP).

    If you would like to discuss your needs more please don't hesitate to contact me via the support pages!
  • One of the most useful add-on's ever. Saves oodles of time.
  • When Firefox autofill fails QuickPasswords to the rescue!
  • Without having the ability to export/import passwords, this isn't much of a password "manager"
    .. you are not helping the users or developer by asking for features by way of down voting. You only manage that less people use it and so less interest = less development. Here is the official place for feature requests is here:


    The thing with importing is that it is "iffy" because it needs concrete specs on what happens
    1. if the login already exists (should it just overwrite the password? prompt?)
    2. if the field names have changed. This happens more often than you think, the password manager doesn't store the date so we do not know whether this is newer or older.

    So please suggest at the link above for a proper feature management.
    thanks for your review. Hope to improve the tool soon.
  • Really a great addon
  • adding ability to change username/password field would be great...
    ... the Saved Password Editor Addon does this very well and it works perfectly with QuickPasswords (I did not want to compete with it). However we have 2 features for changing existing information - 1. when logging in the field names can be automatically corrected - 2. you can change stored passwords with "unified Password change" button = the button with the red pencil.

    thanks for the 5 stars! :-)
  • Edit option is missing ? How do I get it ?
    Please use the Saved Password Editor Addon for this. QuickPasswords does not want to replicate the functionality of this excellent Addon, and both Addons work perfectly together.

    It is mentioned at the bottom of About this Addon: "If you work a lot with passwords (who doesn't?) be sure to check out the awesome Saved Password Editor it is quite a good addition and fully compatible with QuickPasswords."

    I also have described it in my support pages, where you can also get direct support via the mail link at the bottom of the page: http://quickpasswords.mozdev.org/index.html#edit_password
  • I rely on this program so much that I forget it is not an integral part of FF. It has saved me much time and frustration. It is small, quick, and useful.