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  • Great tool
  • It is my go to note taking application though overtime it has lost functionality

    some PROs
    Powerful Notetaking add on for FIREFOX, probably does 90% of what I need a word-processor to do...
    --multitab support for NOTEs useful for different subjects
    --F5 timestamp
    --search feature to find text inside of notes and replace text
    --Notes can be SYNCED to remote devices though this is hit and miss
    --archive and backup to retrieve notes and change note repository so I can find it and transfer it around to other computers (since remote sync is not always working)
    --keeps a backupfolder of the days notes so one can copy or open those into another word processor

    Some CONs though some of this is not QUICKFOX fault as it depends on other programs
    --DO NOT UPDATE FIREFOX as this is incompatible, search how to install FF 56 and disable all sneaky bolshevik FF updates until this is resolved
    --remote sync spotty, even with Xmark, for best results copy repository to target computer to have updated notes(yes you have to learn how to switch repositories, where to find it and copy and paste files)
    --ability to move tabs around has been lost during a FireFox update
    --ability to log in and upload notes into Google Docs network feature has been lost possibly due to a Google doc update
    --lacks ability to see all archived notes from within the program, though can go to the backups folder and check what is in there.

    FYI the OFFLINE version still retains the ability to move tabs around and can be set up to share the same hard disk repository as the browser version
  • please keep it working!
  • As notas antigas não abrem mais.

    old notes do not open anymore, not even on web pages.
  • отличные заметки
  • Ooh please please ajust it so it keeps working with the new version of FF!!
    Guys, your notes are still in your computer, il the repository folder. Look for the qfn.sqlite file. You'll need a special application to read that if you wish, but it might be easier just to install an old version of FF (or a portable FF) with QuickFox on it, use the settings to change the repository to where is your qfn file, and then copy your notes out.
    Personally, i use Thunderbird for email and the addon still works with the current version.
  • How can I recover my notes after the Firefox 57.0 update. Would of been nice to have had a WARNING from firefox before updating and losing my notes.
  • Too old addon - no update more, not working.
  • Abandoned addon. Incompatible with Firefox 57.
  • После обновления, блокнот (2.8.6) не понимает русский язык, все заметки из архива теперь кракозябры ???... не понимает кириллицы. Что делать?
    After the update, the notebook (2.8.6) does not understand the Russian language, all the notes from the archive are now krakozyabry ??? ... does not understand the Cyrillic alphabet. What to do?
    Скриншот http://s019.radikal.ru/i626/1711/ee/64bcef25560f.jpg
  • Plz update quickfox note! firefox won't be worth without this. we want something with right click menu option → send to note....
  • Will there be an update to WebExtention?
  • The authors of this add-on is totally diligent!
  • Очень милый и удобный блокнотик ! Пользуюсь им для быстрых заметок во время чтения в интернете. Часто нужно бывает сделать какую-то пометку себе на будущее, отложить важную информацию или даже просто скопировать какой-то нужный веб-адрес. Это расширение подходит для таких вещей и даже для гораздо большего, просто ещё не все функции мне пока нужны :)
    Разработчикам большое спасибо за отличную работу !
    Радует продуманость интерфейса (в том числе возможность менять цвет фона и шрифта).
  • It does have an import all notes into one text file but that is useless if you want each note separate which is kind of the point of using this addon.

    Export all note tabs and import note tabs would make it truly awesome.
  • Only a limited number of characters can be copied when using the "Send to Quickfox" context menu. This doesn't happen in the previous version (version which works perfectly. So please remove version 2.8.6.
  • I want to take notes specific to each URL. nor some generic note that is the SAME for every web page and URL.
  • i want to ask, why text limited only 160 character when copied to send to QuickFox on right context?
  • Was thinking of making the switch to FF yet again, and this seemed a handy way to sync notes, also installed XMarks because the dev insisted (be careful w XMarks - sync'd bms are public by default); did not sync at all in spite of forcing syncs; and lost many notes in the process. Back to a more reliable browser eco system - chrome with Text.

    FF always had issues with sync, this time around with latest versions, nothing sync'd in 2 days, maybe bcoz they are migrating. Whatever, had it FF this time around.
  • i recommend this extension
  • Дополнение очень полезное, но отсутствует интеграция в контекстном меню мозиллы в сохранённые вкладки, у меня 4 вкладки, но в контекстном меню их не видно!
    Скриншот прилагаю http://s14.radikal.ru/i187/1612/12/70626bd6dcd9.jpg
  • abro em uma aba e deixo fixo no canto, muito bom pra anotações rápidas e que precisa ser acessada rápidamente
  • Почему-то вдруг перестало отображаться в контекстном меню. В чем причина?
  • Very useful and customizable in detail.
  • Записничок - лучше не придумаешь !!!
    Единственное НО - бекап и восстановление реализовано через задний проход. Система с синхронизацией - калечно!
    Делайте всё проще и к вам потянутся люди.