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  • What is this "Enable Marketing" setting you have in your addon? That causes a great deal of worry. This is the only addon I have found that is functional, but I definitely do not want marketing...
  • The addon is great, but please support firefox v59
  • Worked like a charm. Reliable. It worked EVERY time. It became a part of me....an extension of self.

    Then came FF57 and ff58.....and that screwed everything.....royally. (in more ways than one)

    Fire drag made its entrance......and it is a pita. Stops facebook messenger functioning ....and generally does not sit comfortable...not reliable.....I have to keep an eye on it constantly.

    Stevie.......mate......do whatever it takes. Please.

  • For 57+ try Fire Drag addon
  • please, please, support v57 :)
  • The addon is great, but please support firefox v57
  • Excellent
  • please update this to work with Quantum. i've used it for so many years, that's it's difficult to surf without. my hand dexterity is minimal due to a motor-neurological disease, so this add-on makes things much easier compared to right-clicking or using my other hand to hold down a keyboard button while clicking.
  • Please, make it work for Firefox Quantum! I can't live without drag-and-search anymore, and the Firefox-recommended QuickDrag alternatives don't work.
  • This addon includes adware. In the options, there is a checkbox to "enable marketing". The problem is that even if you un-tick that box, it will re-enable itself after a certain amount of time, So really, it isn't possible to opt out.
  • Title
  • Greate!!!!
    It's a wonderful DragTool!
  • This extension is a basic necessity.
  • ... waiting for a multiprocess compatible extension fot the 5th star :) .
  • oh no~
    I can not leave it!
    oh,it works now,so strange
  • Sadly, doesn't work with multiprocess windows. Needs an update or an alternative.
  • Basically called electrolysis. Its a feature allowing chrome style multiple processes for Firefox. It will be enabled by default on future releases, and this addon is not compatible with it. Kindly fix it.
  • Does not work
  • good addon
  • does not compatible with e10s: the new multiple process feature of firefox

    please fix.
  • really awesome.....
  • Не работает в линуксе. Автор не чешется. Будем использовать Super drag. А это удалим.
  • This add-on was SOLE reason, ONE and ONLY reason I kept using FF while all my work PC was updated to use Chrome. Why is this not working and FF keeps disabling the add-on? Please enable this as I can't possibly live without this!!
  • Very Good
  • 43下也没问题,功能简明扼要,而且拖拽之后动作的响应速度是这几年里我用过的多个拖拽扩展里最快的,一开始用它,最后还是它。希望哪个版本不能用的时候有人愿意fix下。唯一缺点就是拖拽保存图片功能失效了,不过我用不上这个。