Perfect !!! :) Just one small bug... Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

This is perfect, It's fast, light, userfriendly, work on all version so far I use FF 7.0b

One small bug I will send you a video screen-shot :

When I open FireFox (Win Xp) I have 9 Windows and inside one of the Windows have I have12 Tabs. Tha's how Start my Firefox, so far just fine, I can use "Quick Translator" with all those windows and Tabs.

The problem is when I open one more New Windows "Quick Translator" don't work in the new Windows !!! Strange :(
But If I open a new Tab inside the "first windows" ( The "first windows" I talk about are the one when I start Firefox) "Quick Translator" will work fine.

But a new windows OR new tab in a new windows : "Quick Translator" Don't work ! :(

It seem that after the initial start of Firefox (take a lot of memory for Firefox over a gig on 4 gig) that "Quick Translator" don't load in the new FF windows, maybe new windows are new process on their own.... it's a guess.

If you want I can test a Beta or Alpha release to see if it fix the bug ?

BTW: If you have the language string for "Quick Translator" I'm willing to tranlate those in french and a Quick Start manual.

Let me know, I will send you a video to have a better understanding of the problem...

Thanks !

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