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  • Excellent extension.
    Contrary to a lot of other extensions that disable JavaScript, this extension looks for <noscript>-tags and adds them to the DOM.
    Without this looking for <noscript> you have no JavaScript AND no <noscript>-code. Now you have the best of two worlds.
    Especially when you're building sites and you have to check if <noscript> works this is an excellent add-on.
    Going every time to about:config or the settings in the developer tools is getting really annoying, simply clicking on an icon works far better.
  • Kamil Jaszkowiak
  • Великолепно! Отключение и включение по 1 клику, большего и не надо.
  • Works well
  • ca roule
  • Отключает скрипты и запоминает сайты и на андроид работает и обновы частые молодцы
  • Works great !

    Small 'gotcha' I encountered : I turned off JavaScript on a certain web page (https://www.jstree.com/api/) to test something and forgot about it.

    Next day, I couldn't figure why the site was not working. Looking at the errors in the console, I saw a bunch of "Content Security Policy: The page’s settings blocked the loading of a resource ..." errors, which confused me even more.

    I finally suspected my Firefox Add-ons, looked at the list and remembered I used JavaScript Switcher the previous day ! All is well now. :-D

    Note to developers : Turning off JavaScript with this add-on _doesn't_ show tag content.
    Thanks for the review, yeah it happens, happened with me too, at start, You can see the JavaScript Switcher Icon, if it is green then JavaScript is not disabled, if not it is disabled. If you wish to suggest a feature request or bug, you can freely mail me, It always feel good, when people use thing you created and try to enhance it.
  • The extension is very useful. where sites require javascript it can be switched on. Where java scripts cause problems, freezes etc, it can be switched off. I had a problem with the JS Switcher symbol not being visible in my browser address bar. I emailed the developer who responded alsmost instantly - he is very helpful indeed. Eventually I found two reasons why I couldn't see the icon. Firstly, it only appears on http/s web pages and not on the firefox new tab, add-ons, or options pages, for example. Secondly, in customising the toolbars, I had a "flexible space" to each side of the address bar, which reduced the size of the address bar and appeared to cut off the JS icon. Easy to fix by removing the flexible space via customise. With these issues sorted, and in light of the very helpful developer, I am happy to give 5*.
  • Works like a charm.
  • It does what it's supposed to do, so in that regard I give it "5" stars. But the fact that it starts out disabled makes it a "3." I mean, I can appreciate that the developer made his choice, due to user demand. But for me, I would prefer to have it enabled by default and then toggle it to "disabled" if the site wasn't performing as I wanted/needed.

    Still, a huge nod of "thanks" to the developer for a useful add-on that does the job. For me, however, I'm not sure it's a keeper. :)

    EDIT (First): Suraj, Thanks for the response, which I just saw. I will double-check. It certainly may be that I made a mistake. I hope to get back to you soon. Thanks again.

    EDIT (Second): Suraj, I recently visited Auction.com and kept getting a Firefox message about a slow-running script. So I used your JavaScript Switcher app and it worked like a charm.

    Thank you!

    EDIT (Third): Suraj, I have used the add-on for only the Auction.com site, as I previously mentioned. As I have not been back to the site for some time now, and have not had occasion to use it elsewhere, I can only presume it's still working as you designed it. I shall remember to come back and comment if I have other issues, or praises, to offer you.

    Thank you.
    It starts out enabled, could you please check again. I mean at start all sites have JavaScript enabled, and you can disable with this extension then after whenever you feel like, isn't that what you wanted?

    Oh, that is amazing, I Usually use it for the same and pop up scripts, what happened to your original query?

    Ohk, sure please comment if you have any other issue. Have a nice day.