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  • While I enjoyed using it for several years now, they seem to be unable to update this plugin to the webextensions api, which had been announced in August 2015. It appears to have taken them by surprise.
  • It was working perfect but immediately i paid the year it stopped working. I have tryed to get them to fix it but the answers are really stupid and they just dont fix the problem!!! Please dont download it!!!!
  • No way to unsubscribe as far as i can tell. Doing a chargeback for the yearly sub I didn't know I had.
  • Fail !!!... no more free.. Unistalled
  • I did the free trial,kinda liked it and was gonna keep it,After I tried to pay with MC,my card was declined.Naturally I contacted the card issuer and was told MC considers Proxmate a high risk merchant,therefore they declined and I would have to find another form of payment.Oh well that is not going to happen,lol.
  • addon proxtube does the same 4 free ;)
  • Don't know why people are giving it one Star. I'm ok with paying for a service i need.

    It works great. I can install on unlimited no. of systems and never had any issue.
  • only registered to give this crap 1 star
  • after a long time ........ uninstalled
  • going paid after it was free is the definition of a sellout
  • This add-on used to be free, it worked very well and was fast and efficient. Then they decided to autoupdate the app completely and now you have to pay in order to recieve the same features that you can get with a vpn, but at a worse value. Much rather use something like tunnelbear rather than this now. at least their service does not mislead downloader's into thinking that the service is free. But now proxmate does!

    if you still want to use this addon for free, look on the internet for the package that came before the pay too use update, and instal that, the previous free version still works as of writing this review.

    Also will not be recommending this add-on to people looking to bypass region locking, i will now recommend other alternatives
  • It was one of the best, now we have to Pay?
    Say NO
  • Amazing stuff Proxmate team, love your work! works flawlessly every time
  • Proxmate was formerly the best YT-unblocker.
    Now i am looking for a free alternative. Bye.
  • Es gibt bessere und kostenlose Unblocker für YouTube.
    Proxmate gehört definitiv nicht dazu. Daher leider nur einen Stern.
    Tschüß Proxmate!
  • I've taken the time to create account so I can say bye bye!
  • This used to be a great extension, but now they switched to be subscription based and I just got the notification my "trial" will run out in a few days.

    Guess, my "trial" will end right here.

  • Good addon, however decided to make it subscription based recently.
    Avoid it at all cost. This is definitely not worth paying for and there are a bunch of free alternatives. Goodbye Proxmate.
  • No.
  • no way i'm surfing the net with a sub, hahahahahaha.

    good one mate.
  • I don't want to get this as I've tried using it, but instead I write this review to ask that someone makes a free add-on that allows the students of my school to search freely, a un-blocker pretty much (that actually works) that allows access to most or at least the popular websites.
  • I've got a huge icon after update.
    What the hell? How to fix it?
  • Save me lot of hassle on many mant site to listen video and radio !

    Thanks !
  • I got this add on last yr. I am SURE that when I first got it I would go to a site and it would not allow me in, I would then click the proxmate icon, and it would work next time I load page. But now when I do it I get this "you have not added packages" message. So, I tried it, I did download a package.. but I got no results. And the next time i went to use it I got the same no packages notice. The reason I say I MAY have lost my mind, is I did try Hola, at some point. And either Hola or Proxmate would ask me what country I wanted to appear to be in after I clicked button. And BOTH worked well for a long while. But one day I had neither.
    I intentionally do not allow Firefox to auto update because of the fact it DOES disable some add ons. So I know it was not an update. (also I use Mozyback and ALWAYS make a couple of good backups of Firefox before i get the updates, so I can rollback should the update suck. Like the one that took my add on bar AND all the icons that went in it!)
    However, Hola went away too. I lost it I suppose in a Firefox update... and next time i downloaded it, I got a whole browser, and it doesnt work at all. So either firefox has changed something or Proxmate changed something, but at this point both Hola and proxmate have ecome useless to me... SAD but true. I would love ot have this work. Without all this download packages stuff. I dont just browse the packages pages.... Developer... if iAM losing my mind PLEASE feel free to comment and let me know... (you wouldn't be the first to do so!)
  • I'm talking about the Pandora package, didn't test anything else. It works if you activate it before opening Pandora, but it stops randomly after some time.