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The problem with all these soft-printer-style PDF creators is they don’t maintain the clickable links — my guess is they can’t because of how printing works. Eg if a word is clickable in HTML, the PDF will show it as blue/underlined but it will not be clickable any more — it’s flattened. This is crucial for research and archiving. Unfortunately, the only way to get this to work is the special plugin for IE that comes with Acrobat Pro (the one that creates a PDF toolbar in IE, not the PDF printer), although even that often messes up the layout. I have been looking for years (literally) for a way to do this in Firefox. I can’t believe that Adobe or someone else hasn’t done this for Firefox yet. Other archiving methods tend to have other important problems (eg add-ons like Scrapbook, Zotero, MAF, unMHT etc). It would also be great if an archiving method saved the original URL, title and access date as metadata (Savewithurl and Saveuri almost do that but not quite). We live in hope!

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