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  • Best of all time ♥ Thank You developer ♥ ♥
  • simply, it works.
    Thank you so much.
  • Works really well and better than other add ons. I wish there was a way to see the link of pop up websites so I could block that website or if its safe.

    Edit: Thank you so much it worked!
    Thank you so much.
    You could view and allow it in notification bar, If you don't see it,

    Please check this setting:

    Please type this in url:
    Accept risk.
    then type
    in search box
    this config should be true.

    Let me know if your issue solved.

    Edit: You're welcome.

  • Works great, plus I checked the source code and I'm glad it doesn't track my activities. Thanks for your work!
    Thank you so much.
  • Kamil Jaszkowiak
    Thank you so much.
  • The Best! The most efficient and intelligent. It's not boring and dumb like "Popup Blocker (strict)", that is recommended by Firefox, but it's a big s***
    Thank you so much.
  • Thank You.
    You're welcome, Thank you so much.
  • بهترین پاپ آپ بلوکر محصول ایرانی :D
    Thank you so much. :-)
    بلاکر صحیحه
  • Very Good, recomendo extensão, funciona de acordo com que eu quero.
    Thank you so much.
  • You are the man!, I totally recommend this app!!
    Thank you so much.
  • After using Adblock Plus AND AdGuard, still an annoying set of click based popups remained. This actually blocked what the others could not. So thus, I rate it 5 stars.
    Thank you so much.