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This is the first addon i get whenever i start a new profile or a clean FF install. I love it and can't imagine using FF without it. BUT there's some improvements in urgent need of implementation:
1. Allow a keyboard shortcut customization for adding favorites.
Going to Menu, then Favorites, then Add to Favorites, then selecting apropriate folder, then maybe renaming, then finally clicking OK or pressing Enter. Is a tedious amount of steps.
Using ALT+M+A+A isn't very helpful. I suppose i could customize the Favorites to be out of the main Menu so it's just ALT+A+A, but i'd rather save the toolbar space.
2. The toolbar button is broken. At least in my FF config. You can't separate the Favorites from the Bookmark button (they're always bundled together). You can't remove the text labels. And moving it to other toolbars makes the button disappear. Please add a simple icon button, that you can left-click to add a new favorite, or right-click to pop-up the favorites menu.

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This addon saved my life! Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

I've been collecting urls since the beginning of the web (almost lol). Not being able to open them outside the browser (with Firefox) is a huge nuisance, when it comes to organizing, sorting and searching through them.

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