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  • Doesn't work. I keep getting the same error message - "Sorry, something's not quite right here. Please check that you are logged into Pinterest and try again." Yes, I am logged into Pinterest. Cleared cache, tried again, same message. Refreshed both pages, tried again, same message. Logged off, logged back on, opened both pages in tabs again, same message. Firefox version 67.0.3, MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6
  • Having the same experience as others. Ever since the update, it no longer works. It opens up the extension to pin the image but there are no boards available. It is empty. Only has the option to 'create board' but even if you do that it errors out. Definitely logged in to Pinterest in the browser. If you navigate to a site that has a 'pinit' action embedded on the image and use that it works fine (as normal). It is purely the browser extension that is no longer working (whether from the browser button or the browser added Pin save button overlay on images). Open the pin image showing empty with no boards to choose from and no ability to pin.

    Have disabled all extensions = same error.
    Cleared cache = same error.
    Restarted computer = same error.Private browser (is allowed in there) = same error.
    Disabled the extension and reinstalled multiple times = same error.

    Running FF Developer Edition 68.0b8.
    Pin version 4.0.82
    Mac Sierra 10.12.6
    Logged into multiple Pinterest accounts.

  • I love it! I was worried it wouldn't work after reading the reviews but it actually works perfectly for me :D
  • works then doesn't work. runs in mobile mode instead of desktop mode so adding content or #Tags is impossible. Ghostery has fully allowed Pinterest for tracking its is NOT the problem, Poor programming and blame game...
    Hi, thanks for the review!

    Any detail you could give besides "works then doesn't work" would be helpful, such as your OS and Firefox versions, the URL of the page you're trying to save, and how (browser button, hovering Save button, context menu) you are invoking the add-on.

    I am not sure what "runs in mobile mode instead of desktop mode" is supposed to mean. Are you running the extension on mobile Firefox? Also not sure what "adding content or #Tags" means; unless you mean entering hashtags in pin descriptions, tags aren't really a thing on Pinterest.

    I did not mean to come across as "blaming" Ghostery; I have mentioned it in replies becuase we've had at least one case of a user (in these reviews) who mentioned it as another installed add-on. I will count you as a reporter who is also using it, unless that's wrong.
  • Cool enough to use! B)
  • Absolutely doesn't work. I'd just updated Firefox, and immediately afterwards added the Pinterest extension. Even with the absolutely most up to date Firefox browser and Windows 10, the extension just doesn't work. The first page I tried to post to my Travel page on Pinterest was https://auroraborealisobservatory.com/. While on the page, I clicked the Pinterest extension and absolutely nothing happened. No error message, no Pinterest confirmation, nothing at all. I even checked Pinterest, and it hadn't received the page. (duh - no surprise there!) The developers need to go back to the drawing board on this one, maybe. Since I use Pinterest so much, even though I prefer Firefox, I'm just going back to Chrome. The Pinterest extension works perfectly there, as it has for years. :(
    I'm assuming you mean the browser button, when you say you clicked the Pinterest extension. I tried this page myself and it is full of some very large images; would you be willing to tell me where you are so I can try some network tricks?

    Are you using more than one Pinterest account? Are you running any other extensions, such as Ghostery? Have you cleared cache lately?
  • as lots of users, the button is not working anymore on firefox. it seems that the extension has an issue with getting my credentials, no boards are loaded in the pinterest window
    Are you using more than one Pinterest account? Are you running any other extensions, such as Ghostery? Have you cleared cache lately?
  • doesn't works since last update (firefox 68.0b2)
    When you say "doesn't work," what does that mean? I see you reviewed v4.0.79; please try 4.0.80.
  • it means literally,that doesnt pin anything
    Edited: sorry, wasn't clear. Are you clicking the browser button? The hovering Save button? Right-clicking an image and choosing Save? Are you seeing a grid of images to choose from? Are you seeing the board picker? Are you getting any error messages?

    When you say "doesn't work," what does that mean? I see you reviewed v4.0.79; please try 4.0.80.