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  • Absolutely doesn't work. I'd just updated Firefox, and immediately afterwards added the Pinterest extension. Even with the absolutely most up to date Firefox browser and Windows 10, the extension just doesn't work. The first page I tried to post to my Travel page on Pinterest was https://auroraborealisobservatory.com/. While on the page, I clicked the Pinterest extension and absolutely nothing happened. No error message, no Pinterest confirmation, nothing at all. I even checked Pinterest, and it hadn't received the page. (duh - no surprise there!) The developers need to go back to the drawing board on this one, maybe. Since I use Pinterest so much, even though I prefer Firefox, I'm just going back to Chrome. The Pinterest extension works perfectly there, as it has for years. :(
    I'm assuming you mean the browser button, when you say you clicked the Pinterest extension. I tried this page myself and it is full of some very large images; would you be willing to tell me where you are so I can try some network tricks?

    Are you using more than one Pinterest account? Are you running any other extensions, such as Ghostery? Have you cleared cache lately?
  • as lots of users, the button is not working anymore on firefox. it seems that the extension has an issue with getting my credentials, no boards are loaded in the pinterest window
    Are you using more than one Pinterest account? Are you running any other extensions, such as Ghostery? Have you cleared cache lately?
  • doesn't works since last update (firefox 68.0b2)
    When you say "doesn't work," what does that mean? I see you reviewed v4.0.79; please try 4.0.80.
  • it means literally,that doesnt pin anything
    Edited: sorry, wasn't clear. Are you clicking the browser button? The hovering Save button? Right-clicking an image and choosing Save? Are you seeing a grid of images to choose from? Are you seeing the board picker? Are you getting any error messages?

    When you say "doesn't work," what does that mean? I see you reviewed v4.0.79; please try 4.0.80.
  • J'aime beaucoup ces étoiles
  • When I try to save an image it tells me "Oops-could not save this" and to "make sure I am logged in. (Sigh) I am signed in. Using latest version of Firefox. Like the lady before, Chrome will save every time. Firefox 0 Chrome 1. Disappointed.
    EDIT: please try again with v4.0.80?

    EDIT: we are seeing a higher rate of expected failures on Firefox and are trying to run this down now. We think it might have something to do with other add-ons, specifically add-ons that might be changing cookies expiration times. Also, please tell me if you have Content Blocking set higher than Standard in about:preferences#privacy.

    Very sorry to hear this. When you save from Chrome, are you using the current Save button, version 4.0.79? Are you running any other Firefox add-ons, anything that might be clearing your private data?
  • I'm able to pin fine from within Pinterest, but I seem to be getting the 'Oops...could not save this page' message each time I try to pin anything while outside it using the button. Haven't pinned anything for a few months now. This is happening on literally ALL images I attempt to pin. Had no problems a couple of months ago, something must have changed somewhere along the line.

    I am able to pin fine using Chrome. But I don't use Chrome, I use Firefox!

    Edit Fri 10 May approx 19:30:

    In response to the Developer's reply below (it won't allow me to reply for some reason!)
    I'm using a Mac OS High Sierra v 10.13.6, Firefox 66.0.5, I only save to one Pinterest account. Here are 2 URLs I just tried... https://www.amandaclegg.co.uk/portfolio/great-man-not-good-man/

    Edit Sat 11 May 9:10
    Hi again. Saving to My digtial art yes, and my Yummly page. Both public. But it happens whichever board I try to save to. Curiously if I use the Pinterest in the social media buttons along the bottom on the image page, it works ok that way.
    Content blocking is set at standard. In add-ons I have Ghostery and Autofill but that's it. I tested them out by disabling the add-ons, cleared my cache, but still couldn't save with the button.

    9:20 Further to my last message, my partner came along to see what the problem was. I cleared my cache (again) and while in my website, he told me to 'shift refresh'. This seemed to solve the issue! I tried some random websites and I can now save using the Pinterest button again. Thanks for your assistance.
    EDIT 4: please try again with v4.0.80?

    EDIT 3: we will take a look at Ghostery, thanks. Can you please say what your Ghostery settings are?

    EDIT 2: can you say if you are running any other Firefox add-ons? Anything having to do with cookies or clearing private data? Also, please tell me if you have Content Blocking set higher than Standard in about:preferences#privacy. Could you please tell me the name of the board you're trying to save to? Is it a public or private board? (I thought it might be /my-digital-art/, but I can't find it anywhere in logs.)

    EDIT: thanks for the links! I am able to save from both sites, but amandaclegg.co.uk is loading very slowly for me from San Francisco; what does your load time look like?

    Sorry about that. Would you mind saying what OS (Mac, Windows) and version of Firefox you're using? Do you save to more than one Pinterest account? Can you please give me one or two URLs that are definitely not working for you right now, so I can try them out?
  • good
  • It does not work for me. I get the following message when I try to pin something: "Sorry, something's not quite right here. Please check that you are logged into Pinterest and try again." It doesn't seem to matter what website I'm trying to pin from. I'm using 66.0.5 on a 2017 MacBook Pro (10.14.4 Mojave). I added the extension today. (I had an older version of the extension that worked, but I deleted it.)

    EDIT: I log in with email. I cleared cookies and tried logging in again, but still get the error message. I don't know what account switching is so don't know whether I'm using it.
    EDIT: please try again with v4.0.80?

    EDIT: are you seeing the error after the image picker comes up, you see your boards, and you choose Save to pick one? Do you ever share your computer with another Pinterest user?

    I'm testing on your exact setup -- had to restart to apply v66.0.5 -- and I can't reproduce what's happening for you. How are you signing in to Pinterest, please? (Facebook, e-mail, Google, something else?)

    If you're switching accounts in one tab after you bring up the image picker in another tab, you're going to see that something's-not-quite-right problem; are you doing that? If not, sorry if these are obvious questions, but: are you sure you're signed in to Pinterest? Are you using account switching?

    Would you mind clearing all cookies and trying again with a fresh login to Pinterest?
  • The pin disappeared. Can't add it again.
    Please check that you have Firefox 66.0.4; there has been a systemwide problem with extensions over the weekend. Details here: https://blog.mozilla.org/addons/2019/05/04/update-regarding-add-ons-in-firefox/
  • Eh Firefox meinte sämtliche "veralteten" Add-ons zu deaktivieren, war dies ein hilfreiches Tool.
    Will man es neu hinzufügen kommt stets die Meldung:
    Download fehlgeschlagen. Bitte überprüfen Sie Ihre Verbindung.
    Und das bei sämtlichen Add-ons, nicht nur bei diesem.
  • EDIT: I needed to do this to reinstall: "To receive the update, you will need to enable the Studies system. To enable this, go to Firefox Preferences > Privacy & Security > Allow Firefox to install and run studies. You should receive the update automatically" So the fix doesn't work automatically!

    This still doesn't work, says "Download failed. Pls check your connection." My pin button disappeared a few days ago and I can't get it back!!
    Please keep an eye on this post from Mozilla for updates: https://blog.mozilla.org/addons/2019/05/04/update-regarding-add-ons-in-firefox/