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When the tabbar is opened, in window mode (not fullscreen), the top bars (menu/navigation/bookmarks... except the tabbar) doesn't autohide (FF 3.6.13 in Windows), so Hide Threshold setting is not having effect. The top bars only hide after after some event like: clicking the browser area, showing a side bar, showing the find bar, reloading a page... or so, happens. I see this is not the first time it is reported. Even it would be not so bad if the only event hidding the top bars would be clicking the brower area, not the other events, so maybe it is a behavior to add as an option. Default Ctrl+Shift shortcut to hide/unhide is not working properly for me, it only helps to hide topbars not autohidden, and not to unhide. The custom defined shortcut (other than Ctrl+Alt) only unhides topbars while it is pressed. In fact, it seemed to be a problem to set Ctrl+Alt+Something as shortcut, it doesn't allow me.

This extension is the only one I've seen (except relic MenuX) that could manage top menu/navigation/bookmarks... tool bars (not the tab bar) at once. It also can be combined with other hidding tabbar extensions, playing with the sensitivity setting. And even you can make it manage the tab bar at once too by using [Hide Caption Titlebar Plus + Tabs on Top + Pimpoflage] together, but [Tabs on Top + Pimpoflage] will mess your tabbar if HCTP is not used. However, I also found some problems using these extensions together, Ctrl+D shortcut to bookmark the page doesn't show bookmark dialog that let you place shorcut in the right folder, while the topbars (with tabbar) are hidden; and the Hide Time Navigation Bar setting is causing malfunction in the autohide function of the topbars when is set beyond 200 ms or so. I also observed that sometimes the top bars hesitates among showing or not, showing only for a brief instant to hide inmediately, I think this is related with the use of extensions to also hide the tabbar, as explained above.

The status bar feature seems a reduced version of AutoHideStatusbar extension with the basics, as it uses the same status bar button of AHS extension, and basic settings. That's confussing if you ever used AutoHideStatusbar, because the Pimpoflage Status button controls at the same time the autohide features of the status bar + the top toolbars. Also, if you want to use the original full AutoHideStatusbar extension, you have to set Pimpoflage to Always Show the status bar, and control it with the status bar button of the AHS extension. But then you have 2 equal buttons in the status bar with AHS legend, one for controlling status bar with AHS extension, and the other for controlling the top bars with Pimpoflage. So the icon should be changed to a pimpoflage own one. In fact I would create a Pimpoflage lite version without the status bar feature for the people who want to use original AHS, though this may require further development as the sensitivity delay setting to hide the top bars seems to relay on the status bar function, as the setting is disabled if Always Show status bar setting is selected.

This addon needs more work, and would be fantastic if it could manage the tabbar also natively. I also suggest, to add a couple of options to allow showing the status bar when the top bars are showed, and viceversa.