Historial de versiones de PictureFox - ImageFlow for Amazon

7 versiones

¡Ten cuidado con las versiones antiguas!

Estas versiones se muestran con propósitos de referencia y pruebas. Debes usar siempre la última versión de un complemento.

Versión 1.41.1-signed.1-signed 118.7 kB Funciona con Firefox 18.0a1 y posterior

* updated compatibility for Firefox 18

Versión 1.40.1-signed.1-signed 118.7 kB Funciona con Firefox 4.0 y posterior

Fixed options menu.

Versión 1.22.1-signed.1-signed 127.5 kB Funciona con Firefox 3.5 y posterior

- added support for Amazon.it and Amazon.cn!
- if HD pictures are available, the 'play icon' is now replaced with a new 'HD' icon.
- you can enlarge images now by simply clicking on them (works on normal and HD pictures)
- ImageFlow gallery now loads a little faster
- fixed many products

Versión 1.21 110.6 kB Funciona con Firefox 3.5 - 4.0b8pre

- fixed support for Firefox 4 beta versions
- HD picture: fullsize / fit-to-screen view can now be triggered per click on the picture

Versión 1.20 114.7 kB Funciona con Firefox 3.5 - 4.0b1

- added support for the new ImmersiveView gallery
- fixed google redirect bug
- fixed many previously non-working products

Due to a missing feature in Firefox 4 beta versions those are currently incompatible with PictureFox 1.20. Until i release a fix for this, please use PictureFox 1.11 if you are using a Firefox 4 Beta version. Thanks.

Versión 1.0 117.8 kB Funciona con Firefox 3.5 - 3.7a6pre

- gallery loads much, much faster now (no preloading of hundreds of images anymore)
- fixed many bugs
- added zoom (arrow up key) in gallery

Versión 0.90 92.2 kB Funciona con Firefox 3.5 - 3.7a5pre

- fixed some bugged products.
- improved non-imageflow gallery (see options)
- added support for customer picture comments
- improved performance