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  • Thanks for this add-on. It really works well on FF 3.6.8 running on Mac.

  • Nice new add-on! I love the idea of changing my personas skins automatically.

  • Fantastic, one reuest: could you support the default personas?

  • Finding the sheer number of personas to choose from (30,000+!) overwhelming, this is exactly what I was looking for to get a taste of what's out there. My only complaint is that I'm seeing more repeats than I'd expect since I have no favorites myself. Does it truly choose randomly from the entire catalog? Just today I've seen at least 2 designs twice.

  • its a really great add-on for personas i load it on every computer i use it helps keep my browser feel new

  • I love this addons for personas. When I start rotating my personas I have few favorite personas but now I collect a large collection of my favorites personas to rotate but I think personas rotator just rotate last favorite personas that shown in my favorite personas menu...but i like to rotate in all of my favorites not in the last!
    so I thank you for changing my browsing experience and I wait for amazing update of rotating personas!

  • Great companion for Personas. Thanks so nuch

  • Love this extension, but the random element of the rotator is so random, if you choose 'all' from the category the add-on seems to repeat the same personas over and over. Surely with thousands of personas you should see the same ones repeated?

  • It enhances and extends a great Firefox feature which is one of the primary benefits and reasons for add-ons right? :)

  • Great product, it is extremely useful for experimenting with new users/personas.

    I seem to be running into a problem though. Rotator is only rotating through the most recent (last added) 42 personas in my favorites from getpersonas.com . Is there a way to make it cycle though all that I have favorited?

  • Great, would like add a function that rotato immediately when right-click on personas statusbaricon

  • Really nice !
    Love it before used xD

  • Great Job. Thanks. One suggestion: auto-log the user every time to the Getpersonas.com

  • Great Job. Thanks. One suggestion: auto-log the user every time to the Getpersonas.com

  • Nice add-on. Was looking for one of these, though I would like it if rather than a time interval it could update everytime you start up Firefox. If this would be possible, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Respuesta del desarrollador

    Next versions will add support for that kind of functionality.

  • Just what I was looking for! Thanks :)

  • This add-on does exactly what it says. It works fine.

  • This add-on does exactly what it says. I suggested some feedback, and the next day i recieved an email telling me exactly what I wanted to know. Now this lets you rotate your favorites.

  • It works fine, although can't really see the point of having it now as personas are treated as themes now and rotating a new theme adds it to the theme list, therefore every min a new theme means 60 new themes in the theme list!

    But the extension works fine as describe its just the nature of persona now that irritates me.

    Respuesta del desarrollador

    You can switch the rotation interval time from Options dialog.

    Currently the add-on does not support rotating the Favourites. When it does the Personas that you chose and went well with your browser will not irritate you as other random Personas.