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  • fantastico
  • I have used this add-on for years and have always loved it! Thanks so much!
  • I just use this for custom personas, and for this task it works great.
  • I like this addon :)
  • i like this addon very much,actually its more than 2 years i'm using this
  • Great extension. Love to share things on this flash website.
  • Tout simplement fan de ce module :)
  • Thank you, great add-on =D
  • Works great. This add-on helps me to install theme faster than ever. Thanks!
  • like it
  • I like this extension and have been using it to create my custom Personas. One problem that I've noticed is that the footer doesn't show colors accurately.They tend to be lighter than what they are. Also, it doesn't show gradient pictures right, they are shown as solid colors.
  • Хорошее дополнение,особенно нравится то что можно автоматически менять тему оформления после каждой загрузки-всегда что то новенькое!!!
  • Excelente complemento que te permite crear temas personalizados. Me sirvió mucho también cuando creé los míos y no tenía cómo probarlos, una gran herramienta para los artistas de temas.
  • Melhor método de armazenar temas
  • I'm newbie in here but this addon make some different..........:)
  • Hi,

    I don't know where to report a little bug, but there's an annoying behavior when waiting for the persona to load as preview.

    You go to Personas Plus' Add-ons bar icon, then click on "Featured", choose any and wait it to load as a preview. The footer image will load in a blink on an eye. However the header image won't load. You have to select any other persona and back to the first selected persona to have both header & footer loaded.

    I'm using Personas Plus on Mozilla Firefox 23 over Windows XP Professional SP3 — This issue's at least 1 year old though.

    Thanks in advance.
  • Personas Plus is a fantastic extension for Firefox. It allows you to choose a "skin" for Firefox from a vast library of skins that other Firefox users have created, personalizing your web-browsing experience. I would recommend it to every Firefox user.
  • Amazing and helpful.
  • This extension still works for me.
  • I love this feature. I moved to firefox to use it.
  • Awesome app!
    A must have for those that like customization!
  • Totally awesome, love how simple it is and it looks way better now :D
  • I just use it with one persona skin. I barely feel the need to change them - I just use one I like the most for months and its OK. Or at least it was till damn FF updated from 19 to 21 (I checked 20 too) - on both 20 and 21 when I download a file, and downloading pop-up shows (generally something happens with download manager) then personas changes theme/skin to one that I installed like first time when personas were introduced. Now each damn time I download something I need to go to personas icon, change theme to one of last used, and then back to one I'm using and is the only one actually installed. Simply clicking on the one I use doesn't work as its already marked as being used. Well I would need to do all that if I didn't revert back to FF19.

    So all in all:
    Personas gets a 4/5 - wont get 5th star cuz lots of themes look nice only when you have so much tabs open that they take few lines of space (thus showing more of personas skin image).
    Firefox 20/21 gets 1/5 - only 1 star cuz it works, but brakes my immersion, I mean the nice feel of using it - if I'm forced to change skin each time I grab something and download it.
  • It finally started working again. My Favorites rotate every minute now, which is great. Thanks for fixing the previous problem that occurred with the Firefox update.