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    It so nice
  • cccccccccccc
  • Macht das Leben bunter :-)
  • No puedo cargar mis listas de personas pre hechas y cuando le doy login me habre una pestaña para loguearme con la cuenta de firefox y no funciona no me muestra mis listas personalizadas de personas arreglen
  • I've loved these since forever...
  • execllent!!
  • such wonderful addon! thank you for providing an easy way to change the surface of firefox ^^^^^
  • I liked it very much. But now it is impossible to connect with my favorites, tried for hours to log in with my existing Firefox account, but Firefox always gives me notice that I am already logged in but somehow it just does not work with personas any more.
  • good
  • Eh. It works. I just wanted to set a custom image as a theme without publishing it and it did that.
  • Funktioniert