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  • Schönes must have!
  • always one of the first add ons i get when i download firefox onto a new computer!
  • Makes being on this browser more exciting..more apt to use it...
  • like this addon, i customize my firefox in a pretty look.
  • I like this add-on but is it possible to have a Lite version. A version without downloading a Persona list from the internet and showing in the menu? Atleast make it optional! I hate stuff running in the background which I can't control and I for one am not happy with all the Persona listings.
  • I really wanted to try this feature, however it's not compatible with Tbird 19.
  • Works great on Firefox, but despite claiming to run on FX and TB, it won't install on TB 17.0.2...
  • Кавайно
  • Me encanto personas plus. Da otro aspecto a tu Firefox
  • Love the beautiful skins that allow customizing my firefox skin. Favorite designer is MaDonna. Her skins are gifts of beauty! Please support Firefox 17 and Android platforms. My firefox on android phones and tablet (Nexus 7) is naked. I would like to take my favorite skin with all my Firefox browsers. Thank you for Personas Plus :)
  • Zmieni wygląd twojej przeglądarki
  • Often we like to change our browser's skin; say, to fit with some new autumnal theme or have it show icy hills as part of an upcoming Christmas season desktop theme we've installed. Personas+ is simply perfect. It is extremely easy to use. To begin with, go to All, choose the Category that interests you and find one that you like. It opens up in a new tab and the word Undo at the top means that, if you don't like how it looks, you can revert to your previous skin. But what if you don't find what you are looking for? After all, there are thousands upon thousands of skins.

    Well, here is where Personas+ excels: Go to All, then choose the category you like (say Nature). At the very bottom you will find an entry 34,578 More from Nature... If you click that entry, you will be taken to a website on a new tab: the Personas Gallery focusing on Nature Personas. You can then try on different skins one by one, or click on the Search box and put your search terms e.g. "snow trees". You will most likely encounter one of my most favourite skin authors too, MaDonna. If so, give her a shout on her website to thank her :)

    All in all, an easy-to-use and great app that truly makes your Firefox look unique to suit your mood.
  • Don't work with Thunderbird 16.0.2
  • Finde ich Echt Toll.Macht das Aussehen von Firefox besser.
  • Great add-on !
  • Bonne idée...il ne reste plus qu'à trouver la bonne image...
  • I absolutely love this add on. Very simple to install and run. Amazing photos and designs.
    Works really well without any problems in Firefox 14.
    Thank you to all the designers, members and Mozilla personnel.
  • Great Work , you can be popular with this
  • Just cute
  • if you bored with the default firefox appearances, then use this plugin
  • Good concept, but:
    1) I don't want to keep the add-on toolbar open (would rather have a button).
    2) It can''t even show and let me select from my installed personas.
    3) Ugly, low-res icon.
    4) Worst of all, it seems to have broken the ability of my browser to display personas by hovering over them--even after I deleted Personas Plus.
  • option to disabled status bar icon needed :/
  • great add-onr3
  • This is a great add-on, with this add-on you can turn your browser into the program, which pleases the eye. With this supplement you can customize the browser for your mood. For example did you come tired from work, sit at the computer, go to your browser and see his old theme, immediately comes to mind is the thought: too happy, does not matter, go in and find in the "Personas plus" that you like. "Personas plus" must have in your Firefox.
  • This add-on made mozilla a more personalised browser that reflects my interests.It's fun, easy to use, i can ''wear" a different one whenever i please, since there is a plethora of them, and the best part is i can design one of my own!!i'm excited with mozilla's originality!Personas is one more reason to love it!