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  • This is still a million times better than Firefox Color
  • very easy to use
  • It's a shame this addon is being replaced by Firefox Color. I've spent a lot of wasted time trying to get Firefox Color to make Firefox look OK, but I am still not happy with it.
  • I truly don't understand why devs always have to shove things down people's throats. Why can't there be a choice between Personas Plus and Firefox Color?
  • I love it, easy to use, easy to make your own and add color to your screen.
  • Firefox is more and more a dictatorship, a robbery of personal data, and a nonsense. Now, there's nothing more in FF than in Chrome.
  • I want to add my vote against retiring Personas Plus. WHY???!!!! The new Colors extension is a pitiful replacement for Personas Plus! I have a number of personas that I change from time to time and have different ones for each profile. And so many creators over the years have taken so much time to create personas we might like. Replacing Personas Plus is a really bad idea! What could it hurt to let us who love this extension keep it and those who like the new Colors extension go with that one ?????!!!!!