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  • Not work in Firefox quantum

  • Depuis quelques années j'utilise avec bonheur ce module pour la sauvegarde et restauration de mes comptes.
    Il serait utile de poursuivre sa mise à jour pour les versions ultérieures de Firefox.

  • This is my most important addon. Too bad the newer versions of Firefox broke it. Please fix Firefox so we have control over our information again.

  • It is not working with last version

  • best of the best :)

  • i loved it - made it easy to save and work through a list to change passwords. Without it (on Firefox Quantum) i'm lost :(

  • Bonjour, il fonctionnait très bien sur les anciennes versions de Firefox ! Pourquoi ne pas le mettre à jour pour Firefox Quantum ? Merci

  • This add-on won't work in Firefox 57.

  • MISS IT !

  • I am using FF 52.8.1 ESR and this software causes me problems to no end. I export the passwords in both format, and when I want to import them to an empty password database, the import fails. What gives after all these years???

  • Kan deze extensie niet toevoegen in Firefox Quantum

  • Nice, but enough copy only 2 files, to safely keep information about accounts and passwords. On program's directory just copy files: "key3.db" and "logins.json" and restore them to directory of new installation Thunderbird. That's all. You're welcome :)

  • I used to LOVE this extension but it hasn't been updated since BEFORE FireFOX brought out their latest versions (FIREFOX QUANTUM, aka v59+).

    If you are like me and can't use this extension (v59+, post 2018 versions of FireFox) - Get a program called PASSWORDFOX. It is available for Windows, in both 32 and 64 bit versions.

    It will allow you to do the same things this EXTENSION would have!

  • byl super ted tam mate co vy idioti

  • ok

  • Great tool

  • For those still looking for a solution in Firefox Quantum where these addons no longer work, I have created a simple application called FF Password Exporter for exporting your passwords from Firefox 58+ to a portable CSV or JSON format. It works on Windows, macOS, and Linux. You can download it from GitHub here: https://github.com/kspearrin/ff-password-exporter

  • Simple y efectivo: agrega un botón de "exportar" a la pantalla de las contraseñas y me permite hacer backups en texto plano de las que necesito.

  • Loved the ability to export. It no longer works with the latest version of firefox. Firefox Quantum 59.x.x

  • Very useful extension. An update for Firefox Quantum will be a very good thing to do. Waiting for it.

  • LOVE THIS, it's the ONLY one i use than firefox blocked it w/it's 'improvements' so look forward to the day it is once again usable w/firefox. Currently i use firefoxs password security which only allows you to import and then it's not so simple as Password Exporter is.

    Currently i down grade firefox install Password Exporter, export my current passwords, then reinstall current version of firefox. it's a pain - it gives me a back up of my passwords.

    see a note by developer as soon as firefox . . . they will incorporate Password Exporter in to version. YEAH!

    Great job in having the ONLY Password Exporter worth having! - I've tired a few of the others. they don't stand up to you.

  • Folks, why do you give 1star because "not working with quantum"? Mozilla needs to provide API's so plugins like this to exist! It is not the developer's fault!

    So Mozilla, can you help? a lot of months have passed and nothing! :(


  • LOVE (D) this add on!!! have been using it for years really.. Though it is currently unsupported by the most recent version of mozilla.. Are there going to be updates or is it time for me to start finding a new solution? Anyone have any tips outside rolling back mozilla?

  • Ne fonctionne pas avec Firefox quantum.

    Does not work with Firefox quantum. Please update it.