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Have been a longtime user and wondered if the developer was still active?

Does not work correctly with logins which is not latin characters in particular with Russian logins. Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas

Does not work properly with internationalized logins.

It does what it should do! Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

It is probably one of the most handy and useful plugin around! Thank you!

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Great addon but a bit slow import ;-)

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Great feature set, great things happen with this add-on.

Information to help future users Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

After reading a number of reviews, I decided that people were trying to do things that were just plain not working and they were breaking the files in their attempts. This add-on works for me every time. This is advice to future users that want to use Password Exporter to change their passwords on a site.

1. Save the new password. Do not export and try to use any editor to change the original password.
2. Go to Tools >Options >Security tab in Firefox and click to show passwords. Highlight the line you want to remove and delete the old password.
3. Export your passwords in plain XML to a different drive and encrypt or password protect the drive or folder where your exported file is.
4. Do not try to export as Obfuscated CSV or XML. You will never get anything to import. Same goes for plain CSV files. I tried that myself.
5. Special characters can be saved and will import as of Firefox 18 and above. I can import to Firefox and Palemoon browsers as I like this way.

I am using v26.0 at this time. XML editors, Libre or other programs that handle CSV files add characters to the files. If you feel you must dabble with trying to change the password outside of the browser, you do so at your own peril. Use a plain text editor such as Wordpad for Windows, and users of Linux know their way around to know which editors to use. However, I urge following the instructions in 1-3 as I wrote above.

I sent a message to fligtar as he has moved on to other Mozilla development. I doubt there will be updates to this add-on, but we can hope. As I have posted above, I have found what has worked for me. If you figure out how to directly e-mail fligtar about issues, write like you're telling a friend about your experience. Don't be rude. Be precise with the problems.

Exporting/Importing 156 passwords and climbing successfully!

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This plugin corrupts all non-english and some special characters, making it useless for further importing in form-filling psw managers. Better use simple copy-paste (from FF preferencies window).

only working with a-z or 0-9 ... Puntuado con 1 de 5 estrellas

does not export special chars correct! like % or &Password in firefox: (+>i{bh@w>in xml or csv file: (+%3Ei{bh@w%3Eso problem is < or >

Passwort Export ist working with PasswordFox from

Worked well for years Puntuado con 3 de 5 estrellas

I've used this add-on every time I upgraded or purchased a new computer.

Unfortunately, the CSV and XML imports don't work anymore. I even tried editing the CSV import file and added double quotes for each line because that's what was in the export when I opened it with Notepad.

I ended up copying 2 files from the old profile to the new profile: signons.sqlite & key3.db - which was suggested by another reviewer. Worked like a charm.

1. Close Firefox.
2. Find your new profile -mine was in OS (C:) Users>username>AppData>Roaming>Mozilla>Firefox>Profiles>xxx.default
3. I renamed key3.db & signons.sqlite to a different file name.
4. Went to the old machine and copied the 2 original files from that profile into the new machine's profile.
5. Started Firefox.

For more info on your profile:

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Great Work! Thanks

Bug - No update for almost 3 years Puntuado con 2 de 5 estrellas

Hasn't been updated in almost 3 years. Currently causes a bug with FF 25. When closing FF in windows, FF continues to run in the background. When attempting to open a new FF instance, greeted with an error that requires opening the windows task manager and manually killing the previous process.

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Очень полезное дополнение.

works great Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

Simple and easy to use. Made switching machines painless ( least the browser part)

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very helpfull

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Очень удобная программа! Перенес пароли со стационара на ноут за пару минут! Советую!
Автору большое спасибо)

Import work normally, dont panic ! Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

Just do the next steps:
1) Open new Excell book
2) select menu "File" - "Open" and choose you file with saved paswords
3) excell will show you the message with number of wrong line in your file.
4) Just open your file with Notepad and find this fucking line.
5) Delete this line
6) Import again.

Does Not Import Saved XML Either Puntuado con 1 de 5 estrellas

Not very happy with the non-functionality of the addon. Other than "exporting" your saved passwords, what's the point if you cannot *edit* your password information and then "import" it? I attempted to edit a Yahoo email password using an XML editor and received an error when I attempted to "import" the file using this addon. 100% useless!

Currently useless Puntuado con 1 de 5 estrellas

Password Exporter exports your passwords as CSV very well, but currently, it isn't able to import any of them.

Thinking of the following task:
1. Export your passworts as CSV.
2. Edit your passwords in the CSV file using Excel/LibreOffice Calc and save them in a new CSV file.
3. Delete all passwords in your Firefox.
4. And finally, import the new CSV file into your Firefox.

- The add-on refuses successfully step #4. It's a pity, but currently, this add-on fails. Please correct this!

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XML parsing error. Passwords could not be imported.

Update for Firefox 24+, please ! Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

Update for Firefox 24+, please !