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  • Installed this to get reverse playlists. The setting is there but the button doesn't show up.
  • Does not work... Video can't play after install Iridium...
    The most funny and the biggest irony is, that userscript the "YouTube +" (see github.com/ParticleCore/Particle) works well... (I'm using Tampermonkey.) Are You sure that the Iridium is former the YouTube +? It does not look like that...
  • It doesn't really work. Sometimes a video just won't play and it's not really clear what causes it. Turning off a few different settings fixes it.
  • Crap
  • lag and bug
  • This app is working as intended, you just need to head to the iridum's settings and enable autoplay. The app works after that.
  • This addon makes YouTube a lot more usable. I love the blacklist feature, the ability to disable autoplay, and ad control.
  • Doesn't Work, Videos can't Start because of Iridium.
  • Could not play any videos on YouTube after installing this.
  • Видео на YouTube вообще перестали включаться после установки этого приложения. Как только удалил - всё опять заработало. правьте. Пока удаляю. Win 7 x64, Firefox 68.0.1 (32bit)
  • Had good ideas but it's pretty much abandonware now.
  • Prevent videos from playing. ANY videos.