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@Herbert: The issue you describe has already been handled in the support forum ( As recommended by the guidelines for writing reviews, please *don't* post bug reports here. Also, your issue has already been raised in other recent reviews. Multiple times. And Giorgio has kindly answered it. He could have flagged the reviews as bug reports and had them removed instead. Please respect his helpfulness by using the proper channels.

@Nebyzant: Similarly, questions are best asked at The developer and his support team are likely to reply much faster there than here. However, to speed things up further, before posting your question, I would recommend that you first search the forum for answers. For example, if you search for references to Ghostery, you're likely to find out all you need to know about the relationship between NoScript and Ghostery. If you have any difficulty, then ask, and I'm sure you'll get a reply within a day.

Lest I break the review guidelines myself ;), I'll repeat my earlier opinion: With NoScript, I can surf the web without fear, but I feel very exposed without it. It gives me control of my browsing experience, and single-handedly keeps me from seriously considering Chromium as my primary browser (ScriptNo is just not equal to it, although the full NoScript is coming to Chrome eventually). It has a 'training period', while you go to your regular sites and tell it to trust them, but then it will remember them and you can use them normally. Sure, it's still in your face when you're browsing around to sites you've never visited before, but that's exactly when you need the protection. Far and away my favorite addon. And for anyone who thinks that they can just turn off JavaScript, or that JavaScript isn't really dangerous, take a look at and see how much more NoScript actually does.

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This extension single-handedly keeps me on Firefox. For those who know how to use its more advanced features, it's a real Swiss-Army Knife of browser security. And even for those who can't give up the convenience of things 'just working', it's worth having: try 'Temporarily allow top-level sites by default' (to make most sites just work), or even 'Allow Scripts Globally' (to make practically all sites just work), and it will still protect you from web nasties like cross-site scripting and clickjacking.

If you're willing to take control of your online security, though: leave NoScript in its default configuration (high security), or even crank it up (eg blocking plugins by default on trusted sites), and then go read about the Application Boundary Enforcer rules, or install the RequestPolicy addon alongside NoScript, to make Firefox essentially bulletproof :).

If you want to be safe, then Default Deny is the only security policy that works (you can look up 'Security Engineering' on Wikipedia for details).

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