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It can be overkill in some cases and not doing enough in other cases. It blocks scripts from other add-ons as well, renderring them useless or something we need to individually active (image toolbar, webmail adblocker, map+ ) per page/site we visit. That is very annoying that it would block scripts from your own system. While on sites that have annoying scripts to jump you all over the place, it can't block them. We know those sites, we click on one thing expecting something when something else loads up instead. Funny it doesn't recognize those types of script. Also with each new update something else gets turned on renderring sites we once visited in the past un-operatable. The MAJORITY of people who use this add-on do NOT know what each individual script on our pages do, and thats what this add-on is missing, it can only select and block the name of the add-ons, but its a hit and miss game to figure out what each script does and do we need it. Would be nice if we could get a preview of what each script does so we can easily decide if it should be blocked or not. The names of the scripts do not really show what the script does. ie: this add-on can also block 128-256 bit banking encryptions, renderring our banking sites useless or un-accessible.

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